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knee and leg pain

I had surg twice on one knew first time great second time did not heal my leg has been swollen for over two years now but the pain is bad throbs and you can see veins now too but makes it hard to sleep it's not just the knee anymore but my whole leg that hurts.. I was told I need a knee replacement but what could make it hurt so bad... to the point going up my leg it's not sometimes now all the time
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Hi barb,

First I want to welcome you to the Pain Management Forum and let you know that we are glad you found this Forum. I want to let you know that there are NO Doctors on this Forum only CP - Chronic Pain - Patients that help each other with our OWN expertise and experiences that we have developed through our OWN CP Issues.

I'm ao VERY sorry that you are having this continuous pain.  It must be so TERRIBLY difficult to live with that day in and day out.  :{  

I really would like to have more information as to what type of surgery they performed so that we would have some idea of EXACTLY what is going on.  I'm going to assume that it was surgery on your knee and that they couldn't repair the damage.  IF that is what happened, I can DEFINITELY tell you that if you are experiencing problems with your knee that it CAN and DOES cause pain all up and down your leg.  I've had 3 hip implants and the pain from the hip causes pain ALL the way down my leg.  If you stop and think about it your entire leg is connected to your knee and therefore it WILL affect your entire leg.

I hope that you will give us the missing information such as your EXACT diagnosis and like I said we might be able to be of more help to you.  :)

Looking forward to your update.........Sherry
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Hi Barb,

Welcome to MedHelp's Pain Management Community. I am so glad that you took the time to post but so sorry to hear about the pain and swelling of your knee.

My dear, your pain and swelling is most likely due to the fact that you require a knee replacement. The fact that it travels into your leg is quite common. That pain came become excruciating. You must have some very painful times.

Our body functions as a unit. Nerves run through the knee and into the foot. If those nerves are inflamed, irritated, damaged, compresses and/or in any way compromised your pain will travel down into your leg. There are also tendons, ligaments and muscles that either lie close to...or are a part of the structure of your knee. They are under great stress trying to support a failing joint and keep it stable. They will also become irritated and sometimes inflamed due to the problems in the structure of the knee and the demand that is being placed upon them. Just the swelling can cause pain in the tissues. That knee is not "alone." It makes up a part of the function of the entire extremity.Your gait has probably changed to compensate for the unstable and painful knee. That will effect the entire leg and cause pain.  I would be surprised if you didn't have radiating pain.

I think once you have the knee replacement you should feel better and experience less pain....and less swelling.

Please let us know how you are doing. I will watch for your updates with interest.

Take Care,
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