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do i have parkinson's disease?

i'm twenty-two, female, living with mild hemiplegic cerebral palsy that affects my right side and causes severe anxiety.  about a week and a half ago, i noticed a dull pain in my left shoulder (my dominant side): it was clicking and popping, but i had full range of motion (and still do, thankfully.)  i'm still not entirely sure what caused this soreness, but it might have been during a struggle with a jammed sliding door.  within a day or two, the muscles in my bicep had started trembling when i raised and lowered my arm, and the soreness got worse.  i could feel the soreness spreading from my shoulder to my elbow to my wrist, and at the time i was concerned i had torn my rotator cuff.  after a few more days of this, my hand had started to shake as well, and i went to the walk-in clinic down the street where i was diagnosed with a strained tendon in my bicep.  it's also worth noting at this point that my psychiatrist had increased the dosage of my medication to treat my low thyroid levels, and during this trip to the doctor we decided the dosage was too high and i went back down to my previous dosage - tremors are apparently a side-effect of this particular medication, synthroid.  she assured me the shaking and soreness would pass: that was four days ago and the soreness has mostly passed, but the shaking appears to have only gotten worse in my hand.  i don't appear to have a resting tremor at all, but my fingers twitch when i extend them and my wrist shakes whenever i hold something so i feel a tremor all the way up through my bicep.  should i give it more time to heal, or should i be concerned and go back to the doctor?

as a side note, it's worth mentioning that i'm both a writer and amateur graphic designer, so i already have carpal tunnel from hours of daily computer use.
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