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SID or other developmental problem??


I posted here a couple of months back regarding my daughters non existant speech along with being a bit of an arm flapper.

Update, she now is 21 months almost 22 months, has about 9 words which is lovely.  However, i do still have some concerns about her behaviour.  She still arm flaps - ok, no big deal i suppose, does not have the vocabularly that she should for her age, never really liked the sound of the hoover, and does get startled by the sound of the toilet flushing, but does not get distressed by these sort of sounds, except if the hoover is on in the same room as her she does tend to cry especially if it is going towards her.  She has just started though covering her ears for a couple seconds when i put my hairdryer on (only the past few days), and she does tend to smile - what does this mean?   She does attend nursery twice a week where she gets on just fine, but the staff have said that if it is really noisy there she can be a bit upset by this.

As mentioned in my early posting a couple of months back, her eye contact is absolutely fine, sings constantly (although the words aren't there the tune most certainly is), loves affection, will show you her books, understands what most objects do, knows what most objects are, i.e, where is your ball etc, but if i said to her 'bring mummy your ball', she wouldn't understand that.  I suppose what i am getting at is there anything i am listing her a cause for concern??  I have come across Sensory Integration Disorder - could it be something like that.  I have considered autism, but i just don't think at this stage she (and hopefully she won't) shows the typical signs.  Anyone out there who could offer some advice or idea to what is going on??  Could this all just be what some kids are like, as a first time mum i am not sure, and very criticle of what she does, and question why does she do that?

Parenthood is an emotional rollercoaster, and with another on the way in less than 7 weeks, i am keen to raise any concerns and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible, if there is a problem that is, to help her out.  

Thanks for reading this - your advice will be gratefully received!

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We're all approximations on the mean.  Some kids really enjoy making and listening to very loud noises and are normal,  some kids really are sensitive to loud noises and avoid them.  and they're normal too.  The fact that your child is social,  enjoys preschool,  is happy,  enjoys books,  etc.,  are all very good signs.

Some kids are slower to talk than others.

I wonder if some of the delay in her language is because you aren't speaking to her correctly - using 3rd person tense instead of the correct first person?  "Bring me the ball" is correct,  not "bring mummy the ball".   I know a lot of parents do that - and I have no idea why - and I'm not trying to be critical but it must be very confusing for those children to learn correct conversational language.   Can you try speaking to her as you would another adult?

Best wishes.  She sounds like she's doing well,  to me.
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hi again, I think we have had a conversation before.
covering the ears is normal if it is not repeated too much, and being distracted with noise is normal if the sound has the similar effect on other babies. there is another possibility too, if your house is too silent and you don't have loud voice, loud voices may make the child distracted. but I'm not sure about your baby to be from this group.
about hands you should always check for her motor development and motor skills. compare her skills with  children in the same age.
and about SI disorder the best professional is a pediatric occupational therapist.
if you are not sure just take her for a test!
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