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swallowed coin

Hello. My name is Eni. My nephew, five years old, swallowed a coin. But,it's been 10 days since. We asked our family doctor,but he said it will come out,there is no place for panic as long as it has passed in the bowel. I would like to know what to do,what food is adviced in these cases. My family has started to get worried because it has been 10 days. I read on internet that a swallowed coin should get out normally within 48 hours. I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
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Typically, a swallowed coin isn't a big deal. Everyone in my family has swallowed at least one in their life. 3-12 days later, it passed with a bowel movement. However, there may be a cause for concern if he hasn't had a bowel movent in ten days. That's an emergecy situation, as the coin could be stuck and blocking feces from moving through and out of the body. If he has had a movement, even without the coin, that's a sign that the way is clear. Often times, the coin will stay in the stomach longer than food, because it's trying to be digested. Eventually, it'll be released from the stomach and into the intestines. If you want to move things along a little quicker, prunes, peaches, and apple juice will help soften things up and make the coin easier to pass. If he's pooping, it's normal. If not, seek emergency care.
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