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The Reishi doesn't work for me patm

And bought the pills that someone recommended that are of reishi took a month and not worked for me it is very sad now i think buy rice protein and antioxidant juices if this works I will tell them I hope that if
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Actually what you don't understand is that PATM is not the same thing for all the people who have it.There are about 5 types -undemethylation,overmethylation,pyrrole disorder,copper overload,heavy metal toxins overload.Treatment is individual.That is why one thing works for some people but for others don't.Learn more about methylation cycle.Balanced methylation is what we need for good health.
Mindspace you are correct on that.  I have spent many hours studying the methalatyon process and epigenetics. very eye opening for sure. Too much niacin,cteatine,and fortified things in processed food for sure are causing problems not just with patm.  what I'm amazed at is how this can still travel so far instantly. I've ran many tests and believe it has to ride out on frequency or light period.  Any gas or smell alone can not travel like this.  I know we have discussed positive ions as a possibility but if that is so I should be able to build a receiver to attract them in a room wich I have not been able to.  If methalatyon is correct it has to be nero transmitters not being properly disposes of or reaching the correct place.   My patm does come from my breath and stomach but also when wearing a military style breathing  mask it can also be directed by my eyes.  I know it's crazy but true.   black mold/parasites plays a part in mine but there has to be something else sending the signals out.  I'm currently in the best place possible for my research.  out away from most people.  I may not find the answer but I'm not giving up.  My 8yr Son has this problem now also. not patm  but somehow we are connected. I can still make him have his tics from far away.  no one else only me.   I also can still control the reactions from other people. so strange indeed.  But it's ok everyone already thinks I'm crazy so it gives me time to read and observe. when I go to the city I practice on the expressway.  when I look at others in cars around me they distinctly react.  well I  hope you are doing well enough.  I'm still holding out hope
Methylation problems are related to electric signals in the brain and with elevated or lowered levels of serotonine,dopamine(neurotransmitters).That is how it travels.In my case definitely have a smell problem and I suggest that I have pyrrole disorder.
Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone!

What are you doing to tackle the methylation issue ?
It's complicated because I oversupplementing for about 2 years.But I'm better.Now I have to lower b12,b9 levels because I suspect that are high.Low protein diet plays the role but also low folate diet.It's not easy but I'm on the right way.
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