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How do I just relax, stop worrying, and enjoy my relationship?

Hi everyone,

Do you guys have any advice on how I can just relax and enjoy my relationship?

This may sound like the oddest thing in the world, but everything is going so well that I feel like I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We have been together for almost a year, spend tons of time together, and never have fought (some minor disagreements naturally but we both are quick to resolve and apologize). The more and more I get to know him the more I feel that I have finally met "the one" - which is something he reciprocates. And the happier I get the more nervous I also get about loosing him. I don't think he will cheat on me in any way. My paranoia is more around one of us getting into an accident and dying, or that one of my std tests that I took before we started going out was actually wrong in it's results (they came back negative for everything) and I have accidentally given him some horrible disease and he'll think I cheated, or that I will get some condition that renders me unable to have kids.

I know that such concerns are massively unwarranted - especially the ones where I know my health is fine - and just me being scared. My younger brother passed away unexpectedly last year so some of it may just be sensitivity to that.

Has anyone else gone through this? How do I just relax and accept that maybe this time I actually found a keeper?

If any of you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want my worries to start to manifest themselves in my relationship and ruin a good thing.

Thanks so much for listening and thanks in advance for any advice.
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