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Social Phobia

Does anyone have any suggestions on How to get over Social Phobia?? I have so much to offer and many responsibilities but this condition is just holding me back. The Dr put me on wellbutrin xl 300 mg a day. Ive only been on it a week and I'm feeling very spaced out and can't sleep,want to quit, but I want to give it a chance. I wish I had the money to see a phsych but don't right now.....
any suggestions ... Thanks........  
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Apart from slowly exposing yourself to the situations and gradually desensitizing yourself toward them, medication would be another useful option.  Therapy is also another good option but it sounds like you may not have the funds to do that right now.

Most of these medications take 4-6 weeks to take effect and often have side effects that may take up to 2 weeks to subside - at this point you really dont know if the medication will work for you.  My understanding is wellbutrin is used for depression and often makes anxiety disorders worse.  This may not be the best option for you but everyone responds differently so its impossible to say.  Do you think you can tolerate it for another few weeks to see if there is any therapeutic effect?
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facing your fears rather than avoiding them will help.
i too have social phobia but it progressed to schizophrenia so i am homebound for 6 yrs.
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I'm with you on the whole social phobia problem.  I was put on Wellbutrin many years ago and it made me feel so jittery and wired I couldn't stand it so went off it right away.  This drug is known to do this and why it's prescribed for an anxiety disorder is confusing to me.  There are so many other meds that don't produce this side effect.  If social phobia is your only problem, maybe ask for Valium or something along those lines?  That's what has worked well for me.  
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Social phobia does not progress to schizophrenia - these disorders are quite unrelated. Do you mean it progressed to agoraphobia?
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Thanks for the reply Spade, I decided to drop back to 1 Wellbutrin tab a day 150 mg for another week until I see the Dr. Man.......I hope I make it till then..I can't believe the way Dr's hand this stuff out to anyone. I have Panic/anxiety issues which is linked to Depression. I was taken off Klonopin and put on the wellbutrin alone. The Klonopin was the very thing that helped me(only a Half mg a day)I think some people just need something like a Benzo w/ this condition. I'm going to give the wellburin till the end of the week and see if the Dr will refill my benzo and God.........Hopefully get some sleep!!!!!  Also made myself go to a meeting last night it was hard feeling like I was tripping on drugs or something(meaning the wellbutrin)but made it through and enjoyed it,.I'm in recovery for alcohol abuse as well.............Hope all is well..............Peace.........
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yea agoraphobia
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Many psychiatrists today prescribe SSRI's for social phobia.  Some of the newer ones as Celexa and Citalopram are especially effective.
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I am taking Inderal for anxiety when I am in stressful situations.  It counteracts the adrenaline response in my body,...I find it works very well.  My MD wanted to put me on an SSRI, but I told him I wanted to take 5HTP which is a precursor to serotonon.  And I find this is working for me.  Gradually handing situations has helped me a little, but not ones in which I must speak.  
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I have a certain type of social anxiety. In large groups, I am ok. In small (4-5) people, I am ok. In Medium groups like anywhere from 10-30, I get very nervous. Something I noticed you said is very interesting. You began by saying that you have a lot to offer. This shows you have confidence which of course is a great thing. So, in my non professional opinion, it is one of a few things that cause you to have the social anxiety. I am thinking it could be because of "sensory overload". It's not nessecarily the people that bother you, it's the energy. I don't mean energy like auras or life essence, I mean just literally the intense energy caused by people being around you. Something you could try, and it should be safe, is to wear ear plugs the next time you go into a social gathering and see if that helps. I wouldn't suggest a blindfold LOL (empathetic laughter, not mean laughter).Another thing I think it could be, is you are extremely intelligent, and when you gather around the average minded masses, you are not understood. This would cause you to feel uncomfortable. I am not suggesting that you would only be around extremely intelligent people, that could lead to people not liking you.......If this is the case, you are bound to have something in common with people of any intelligence (cars, video games, movies) and if you get a little info on the people you are going to be around, starting up conversations about the shared subject/s might lessen the anxiety to the point you can enjoy yourself and watch the anxiety disappear.

I am just throwing opinions out there, regardless of how it happens, I hope you are able to conquer this. :-)
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