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switching from propranolol to carvedilol

Hello , I suffer from social anxiety and I would really appreciate your advice regarding my situation.
I have used propranolol for over a year and experienced some serious side effects
such as weight (which I managed to lose) depression,foul body odor, extreme fatigue,dizziness etc.
Although in this present year side effects were less, I somewhat built tolerance to propranolol.
I made the mistake to stop cold turkey propranolol for about two weeks. I used to take 160mg.
When school started again after holidays,during the first week I took propranolol for two days  at the same dose and I realised that blushing,high blood pressure,palpitations came back.
The second week I tried to increase the dose in order to have overcome withdrawl. However, the outcome was even worse. Tremor and trembling voice came back.In the past I've used atenolol with inferior results compared to propranolol.It also increased my blood pressure.
Overall, I have school lessons 3-4 times a week.
I tried to take nebivolol 10mg and was having extreme palpitations.I don't really know why.
These days I take carvedilol but I'm still having problems(anxiety, muscle spasms).It seems that when I take 25mg these problems are worse in social situations.
I've read that carvedilol needs 9-14 days to take full effect.
Accoring to this study [URL="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15921806"]http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15921806[/URL] after switching to carvedilol I should use half equivalent of the last dosage of previous beta blocker and then titrate up.Therefore, 25mg carvedilol is half equivalent of 160mg propranolol.

here is my carvedilol log.
19/3 25mg body aches,especially ankles, cold hands headaches
20/3 25mg  body aches,especially ankles, cold hands headaches
21/3 12,5mg body aches,especially ankles, cold hands headaches
22/3 6,25mg less body aches,cold hands, headaches,palpitations
23/3 12,50mg  I had low blood pressure and high heart rate.a little bit blushing
24/3 16,75mg(in school)  I had increased blood pressure weak voice, anxiety for reading aloud and severe blushing,muscle spasms
26/3 6,25mg almost no side effects (stayed at home) a few body aches in the legs and palpitations due to cold.
27/3 6.25mg I was outsid.muscle spasms, palpitations and anxiety.
29/3 6.25mg no side effects
30/3 18,75mg flushing but heart rate was good,anxiety.
31/3 18,75mg  anxiety at the begining.
1/4 18,75mg severe anxiety at the beginning, muscle spasms jittery feeling,weak voice in social situations
2/4 12,75mg severe anxiety
3/4 25mg  jittery feeling.
4/4 25mg anxiety,muscle spasms.

Should I continue taking carvedilol until it takes effect?If yes in what dose?
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