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Based on my conception date lmp and estimated due date

Im currently 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant according to ultrasound. I had sex with two guys 9 days apart. Guy one, my on and off boyfriend and alleged baby daddy. date of intercourse 7/5-6/14 (He ejaculated) and Guy two, a friend, date of intercourse 7/15/14 (We stopped after a couple strokes). I ended up pregnant and found out i was 4 weeks right around the 7/24/14. My lmp was approx 6/22/14, according to the docs, who went by the ultrasound early in my first trimester. the estimated due date is 3/28/15. so according to the same ultrasound my conception was right on 7/6/14. When i got the ultrasounds for the 20 week of pregnancy to measure if the baby was to size with the dates, the docs told me that the dates were accurate. Still, im uneasy about the accuracy of the ultrasound. The time in between men is to close for comfort. Can the father be the friend? he denies it wholeheartedly. He said i was already pregnant when our incident happened. He also says he didnt finish inside of me? My on and off (Currently on) believes its his. Please help? what do u think?
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