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Diabetic Neuropathy & Pregnancy

I am diabetic and have neuropathy in my feet and have been perscribed pain meds.  I recently found out I am 6 weeks pregnant.  My first call was to my endocrinologist/internal medicine doctor to ask what medications i need to stop. First thing out of his mouth was to stop my pain medication and to take just tylenol for the pain in my feet.  I have been on different types of pain medications trying to find what works best for my pain.  We finally found one that works and now he says i need to stop.  My ob doctor told me that i wouldnt have to stop any of my medications until i was out of first trimester.  And yes she is aware i take loratab for the neuropathy.  I tried to go without the meds, but my feet hurt real bad and i am unable to sleep or stay asleep due to pain.  i have chosen to take 1/2 a pill 30 min before bed to ease the pain.  pain does not disappear, but its liveable.  Should i completely stop taking pain meds?  or is there something else i can do for pain management.  
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You are not going to make your baby an addict. I am on way more then you and my doc says it is fine but I have to ween down a month before delivery. It has no form of birth defect. Babies don't have mental addiction personalities, they don't crave like adult minds do, that whole discussion is over rated, In my belief you are going to make your life as a mother hell if you cause yourself pain! Remember if you are in pain the baby can sense stress!!! And it raises your sugars. I have the SAME EXACT THING
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