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ASSIMILATION of bone spurs etc in the Body

Does the body naturally absorb things in it that should not be there?
Such as stitches(nylon or cat gut or whatever they are made of these days)
Or things like little splinters etc.
Whether in the surface skin or in the more internal areas of the body.
Will the body naturally dissolve foreign things?

Thank you
pammie mae
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I think I have answered this previously. Absorbable sutures are made from materials that can dissolve gradually inside the body, such as catgut. These sutures are ideal for repairing muscles, because muscles require strong sutures when they are first healing yet they heal quickly. The body absorbs them usually within about 60 days. Nonabsorbable sutures like nylon, on the other hand, are not absorbed by the body. This is also true to foreign objects such as plastic, small splinters and even bone spurs. Foreign bodies are often removed to prevent infection. I hope this helps. Take care and best regards.
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