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Infection ? Knees, then Head, then Jaw and Heavy Sweating

See below, update is that after about 18 months pain in both knees is 99 percent cleared up, but now one knee has tendency to pop and pain can be walked off in short order.

Recent blood sores popped up on head, under hair...tested positive for infection...Rx anti-biotics for 2 weeks and 2 more weeks cleared up.  

Few months later TIA, with signs of low grade infection in blood tests...put on 30 days of prednisone...

Now has excessive sweating too.

Sudden onset of pain in both knees--unexplained
by scotty410, Jan 26, 2009 12:08PM
Tags: knees, unexplained pain beh, infectious diseases, sudden onset
Subject had no prior history of knee pain or knee injuries.  Subject is 66 year old man, 5' 11" 290lbs in good health. He stated has always liked to walk, ski, dance, and was otherwise active.   On August 24, 2008, after about 4 miles walk subject reported he woke up, next morning, with pain in BOTH knees. Subject also reported being in the Middle East in June 2008, and having had a short affair with an attractive woman in her 40s.  STD. lyme, other blood tests were negative.  
In September he was referred to Orthopedic Sport Clinic's knee specialist, X rays, were negative, but for some minor thinning of the meniscuses' and also the left knee showed a small bone spur, but not associated with the area of pain, i.e., on the  interior side of and inside both knees, often causing stiffening of the calf muscles.
At the time of this visit, Subject reported--since August the pain in left knee subsided about 80 percent, but not the right.  In a follow-up MRI of the right knee, the Radiologist's report was negative, but for some signs of minor inflammation, which he attributed to arthritis(?). However, 8 weeks later, subject reports pain in right knee has subsided about 70 percent, but now left knee pain has flared up more than ever. Subject reports pain responds well to Naproxin 375mg once a day.  Specialist also fitted him with knee braces,  Rx exercise and wait loss.  
What is troubling no prior history of arthritis, and currently only problem is with both knees and the sudden onset of pain in both knees, overnight.  

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