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multiple symptoms

Each has been diagnosed seperatly and for the most part none is being treated. It is my belief that is because I have no insurance or capital even thogh I am a full time student and part time receptionist. Emphasema (A-1 antitrypsin type), Degenerative Disc Disorder, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel, Diverticulitis, Endometreosis/Endometreitis, Osteoarthritis, TMJ, Nodules on lungs, Thickening in left Axilla, Swollen Lymph Node without infection in left Clavicle, Lesion at Dome of Liver, chronic UTIs with blood & protien, Migraines, Anemia, high Cholesterol,high WBC (barely but consistantly), low & high MCH. There are also symptoms like night sweats, regular low grade fevers, pain in lower legs when walking briskly, easily broken bones, painful joints (especialy fingers when I awake), wide spread pain (different places/different times), blurry vision with spots and lighting bolts and ringing and pounding in my ears. The Axilla and Clavicle growths have been gradually enlarging over 8 years. Friday Dr. Sieloff did surgery on the clavicle one but I won't know anything for 2 weeks. To tell the truth I no longer believe in the medical field to save me since I have been given such a great runaround. However I am incrediblly grateful to this doctor and WeCare for their services. It would be nice to have an explanation and a miracle to get adequate/proper care so I can at least find a balance between surviving and living. Is it an oxymoron to go to college for improving my life while deteriating to the point I wonder if I will even be able to perform upon (should I accomplish it) graduation. I'm majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Writing. I believe in miracles in the right hands.
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