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what is this hip pain???

'm so tired of Doctors sending me back home without helping me or giving me an answer besides "I don't know". So I'm hoping to get somewhere by posting my problem here. I'm hoping someone here can help.

So I've been having what seems to me like hip pain for over a year now. When i get up, or sit down, or move, or bend, or walk, I experience this pain. It feels so sharp and occurs mostly in my right hip and occasionally, but not so much, I get the pain in my left hip. The pain is so sharp and high-scaled that I feel like I will fall and break a bone! I practically hop around to try to keep the pressure off of my hip(s). Sometimes I stay still hoping for the pain to subsides but it lingers and the pressure of the pain makes me feel more weak like I cant stand still much longer. A few times I have collapsed to the floor but caught myself bent over, hands touching the floor, trying to prevent something worse from happening. Even when I sit though, I can feel the pressure of the pain...
I've been to the hospitals many times for this but no luck with pinning a name to this problem. I have noticed that my bones "pop" a lot more since this has been going on. But when/if my hip "pops" it does not make the pain go away. If I lie down flat on my back it hurts so bad to get up because of my hip. So I sleep propped up... It was really bad during my pregnancy. I delivered my daughter July 3rd 2008 and since then have still been having the problem. I have recently visited a doctor but still no luck...

I'm so scared because I fear it is something bad or could get worse with time...The doctors only do x-rays and nothing else because they show that everything is normal....

By the way I am 23 year old African American female if that matters at all.
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