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Chronic Post nasal drip with chronic bad breath.

I'm 22 years old student. 4 years ago, horrible condition started; chronic post nasal drip: I have to clear my throat constantly with chronic cough, sinus infections, bad taste & the worst thing ever; bad breath! I went to 3 different ENT surgeons, done CT, X-ray, antihistamines, nasal steroids, antibiotics, antacids, decongestants with some improvement but no significant or permanent progress. I removed my tonsils 5 months ago because of tonsil stones with no significant improvement also. All my dentists said I have perfect oral health. My diet is balanced & it seems like I don't have any kind of food allergy.  I have skin allergy especially during spring but the dermatologist failed to identify what type of allergy I have. This condition is killing & destroying my life. It drains me psychologically, physically & financially. I became the shy guy with low self-esteem. My job requires frequent interactions with customers which is a daily torture for me. I'm tired of my life & I'm tired of trying! Any help?

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I'm in the same boat as you. I'm 22, with the same symptoms, same experiences.

I've seen ENTs, had a CT scan, nothing wrong with my nose according to multiple ENTs. I've tried a lot of 'home remedies' which mostly turn out to be useless quack treatments. My latest thing i'm trying is Oil of Oregano because I have read that some people had success with it.

I'm on day 4 of using it - drinking it in water and also putting a drop in my neti pot. So far it has had absolutely no effect on my symptoms.

I currently work in a customer service role and I must get through about 5 packets of gum per shift. I try and stay positive about my symptoms but on especially bad days where I can taste my bad breath and someone asks if i can smell that too that really ***** and brings me down.

Just made an account to reply to your post to let you know i'm in a similar situation to you and one day we will be cured.
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I had a similar problem for almost 10 years. I kept getting the same treatments, with my dentists always prasing my strong teeth. I switched dentists about a year ago and the new dentist discovered a crack in one of my molars. The tooth had rotted and caused petrified fluids to drain through my nasal cavities. After the too extraction, e bad breath disappeared.
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