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Do i have STI/STD? please help


I have been to Thailand in December 2014 and had a sexual inter closure on 22nd and 23rd when i been Massage Parlours. I have used Protection (Durex Condom) during oral, vagina sex and  also hand job with no protection. Also during soapy massage on 22nd, she rubbed her ***** all over the body. The next day on 24th night, while on street, i got itching suddenly on the legs and looked like skin allergy. while rubbing the allergy spread immediately and got small bumps.  It lasted for 2 weeks for complete healing.

From Jan 2nd, i masturbated every night.

From Jan 7th, i got a tingling sensation at the tip of my penis. i feel like rubbing some times to comfort my self.  this sensation is occasional and when i checked i observed no sores.

From Jan 12th, i got one heat bump on my buttock and got burst on jan 14th when it got touched hard while walking.

Lately, i opened my penis and checked if any sores at that area, i found couple of small while sores inside and rest seems to be dry semen which i noticed while cleaning with water, it perished.

I have uploaded all the photos taken on Jan 16 at the areas i mentioned. please let me know if i have any symptoms of STI/STD and need to check up with doctor ?

I can do check up after 3 days but i'm so anxious and worried till then.  


Thanks in Advance.
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she rubbed her p***y in the above message
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