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Anti-biotics please help

This is a follow up to this post

http://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/STD/show/1647525#post_7499826  ;

So I did the full semen culture and it turned out to be clean and nothing was spotted. But he said that because there is sighs of inflamination in the semen in the sperm diagram there has to be some infection that its not picked up from the culture.  He perscribed me with 1 month of Vibramycin.
But there is a problem I am going to brazil on Friday for christmas and I told him that I will mess the dosages and that i cant have this while I am there. So he said to me start the antibiotics after the trip on 3rd of september....

But then i went to an other urologist who is also a friend of mine and I trust him. Also he is much older with more experience. And he told me that I should take Vibramycin for 4 days until saturday and then come back after 10 days of the trip do an other sperm diagram and see if it comes back clean of sighns of infection. If it doesnt we continue the antibiotics.

But i have some considerations.

Who is more right?
Maybe the first doc did not think that it may get worst
He said to me that its going to be ok 10 days is nothing

The second doc may hasnt thought that the infection will become antibiotic resistant......

please advise me.
Thank you
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you aren't testing + for any std's.

really we can't help you with this issue much at all. Pick one of the providers and go with their advice and follow up with them as needed.

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Thanks grace sorry I think ill pick the second one.
Thanks for everything!!!!!
Marry cristmass
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