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Availability of Ziprasidone in the UK.....

I would like to know if Ziprasidone (Geodon) has a licensed use for Schizophrenia in the UK?
Thank you,
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Geodon was approved as an antipsychotic for its primary use all over the world. Geodon has some concerns such as heart arrythmia though and its the only antipsychotic with this problem (out of the ones approved in the U.S. at least). Generally out of all of the antipsychotics Abilify is the least likely to cause weight gain and diabetes and sedation. Geodon was used more for a while because of this but Abilify is generally used more now. Did you ask about that one?
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Thanks for your kind reply.   Yes, I am aware of the side effects of Geodon but the
reason I asked this Q  was I am told Ziprasidone(Geodon) is not available in the UK.
I am sure our daughter's psychiatrist knows and she's right but its so strange that a
med widely used in USA and also approved in Canada (Zeldox), just is not available n the UK !
Our daughter has been on Abilify(Aripiprazole) for the last 17 months and is now
symptom free.  Her motivation even improved and she's back to Uni doing a masters
now.    Unfortunately, even Abilify caused her gaining weight.  Its not as bad as
Seroquel (Quetiapine).   Seroquel made her Diabetic at the age of 25, so that
needed discontinuation.
Unfortunately when many people did not gain weight, our D gained weight with
Abilify.   I asked her psychiatrist and according to her, with any atypical AP, there
is possibility of weight gain!
Very kind of you and thank you for your reply.
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Actually Abilify is the least likely out of all the antipsychotics to cause weight gain (although it can and does happen) and its side effect profile is safer than Geodon so I would not change that. As for the antipsychotic agent I am on, glycine, I gave you what information is available for that. When the case study regarding my specific recovery and more importantly some publicly available statements about its usage overall are published I'll make them available. In the meantime, some psychopharmocologists might use it as an adjunct antipsychotic agent. I'll keep people updated with up to date clinical literature as its published to bring to their psychiatrist to discuss it.
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abilify gave me weight gain,since august i gained 50 pounds
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Yes that is a drawback of all the current atypical antipsychotics but generally Abilify is the least likely. I gained 35 pounds on Zyprexa but that's very typical. Zyprexa is the most likely to do that. Generally I'd suggest seeing a nutritionist for a weight reduction diet so the weight gain doesn't turn into diabetes which can be a concern if weight gain goes unchecked. Sometimes its a matter of reducing snacks, desserts and soda and the like. I was able to lose all the weight I gained from the Zyprexa in that manner. The mood stabilizer I am on now Clonidine can cause weight gain but I do the same thing. The antipsychotic agent I am on can't cause weight gain but as I've said its still in Phase II FDA study. I'll post more information on it when it is publicly available and I obtain permission to.
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is Glycine therapy intended to be tested as a monotherapy ILADVOCATE? not sure if you'll get my reply or if I'll know if you do, since I'm not a member... I've seen something else by you on the Internet talking about it after doing a search hearing it was theoretically an antipsychotic in its own right... so far I've only heard it is used for negative symptoms, or maybe they aren't confident enough to test it as monotherapy.... Hope it goes well..

(there was probably a better place for me to write all ofthis, only intended to mention Tryptophan for zeldox insomnia)

I'm on Zeldox and lithium, since moving form risperidone to Zeldox I have trouble with my body clock, can't go to sleep before 5am most nights, 3am on a good night but I find iit is an ok drug except the clenched jaw and some shaking and yeah insomnia, loss of appetite, so I guess I will lose weight after Respiridon that elevated my prolactin and made me feel like a zombie, zero creativity for what I used to be very ceative, Zeldox gives me some of my natural tendency back including my spiritual tendecies, (nothing like what it was with manic spiritual experience), and doesn't seem to block all my thinking..

I started taking Magnesium to help with the shakes and heart palpitations and aggravation irritability etc from Zeldox, got worse from increase dose the doctor assumed my thoughts were racing that was keeping me up? magnesium seemed to have instant effect on thought disorder and memory recall, fluency in writing, yet effects aren't as noticeable now or else I don't really care, or was a bit drunk and elevated mood.. eh..Not recommending people take magnesium, although it could be indicated as deficiency with insomnia muscle spasms, shakes tremors, irritability and even hallucinations are a sign of deficiency (mag has low blood serum level so won't alway show up as deficient in its occurance in 99percent of other cells in the body and brain)
I didn't get to indicate to the doctor that,more restless and body clock screwed up from spending all night on the computer too many times she just assumed it was racing thoughts, putting words in my mouth...putting the dose up didn't work for sleep, was pretty peeved about it which helped keep me up at night....hate nazi fascist psychiatrists, etc.. eugenic theory pigs??no fear.. yeah I hate the profession, so many people are fooled into the psuedo-science, I'm convinced they have no idea what they're doing, especially to normal kids in a crazy world.. plus society is gravitated toward negative stigma of psychotics, whereas in tribal communities they are treated with elevated status as part of initiation into the spirit world, which can be pretty scary for unprepared people who have natural gifts. yeah maybe sometimes it is a deeper problem, but the drugs just cause brain abnormalities and the body defense to adjust makes us more prone to serious relapse whilst adjusting again...enough rant from me..

***I'm also considering ordering L-Tryptophan online for the sleeping and mood, as it is an essential amino acid that converts to seretonin and meletonin in the pineal gland... can't wait, but my Psychiatrists know about it, so they'll probably adv ise me not too use it since it elevates seretonin... Yet they ignore that my episode of Schizoaffective started with depression PTSD panic attacks for the welfare of family and old friends, natural disasters , impending doom imminent... got worse with sleep deprivation and then thought I was receiving insight from divine beings I conversed with, yet I know they were diabolical or fallen angels, demonic spirits that feed on turmoil in our emotions by deceiving us and causing delusion and hence more anxiety more sleep loss and distorted energy system and malaise. delusions were transient, I knew they're in my head but the doctors didn't consder that I was on a natural recovery, now i'm on government order because I hated the idea of drugs, no good for recovery, mainly dealing with quacks who have no idea of recovery,just life long prevention of symptoms that don't address the underlying trauma's or what makes people tick the way they do, even if it is a process of finding ones soul from past trauma with psychiatry. ..
back to story, called the ambulance for panic attack from sleep deprivation and they reckoned I was schizoaffective mainly since I was a bit manic, elevated mood and talking fast, hard to interrupt and totally irritated by having to deal with psychiatrists again after 6yrs off medication.  Mostly circumstantial , had bad reactions to the tranquilizers that caused thought disorder, slowed my thinking too much that I couldn't explain what was going on effectively(and use of brackets in speech, seems tangential when you getting cut off by a psych)

anyway, zeldox is alright, magnesium is good for heart arrythmia's and looking forward to L-Tryptophan for sleep, though the psych might just put my zeldox up AGAiN, or try a different drug but I'm happy with it
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