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Cocaine and schizophrenia

Please help ... i have been with my husband for 2 years he is diagonosed as paranoid schizophrenic. When medicated he is the most wonderful person i know unfortunatly he secretly takes cocaine behind my back which makes him so angry especially the next day ! Or he will cry ! Whilst high he will talk nonsense he thinks i a fed or a clone and im against him i cant take it anymore especially as he denies doing it i fond paraphonalia all around our house and in his pockets and he says its 'them'

Please tell me anyone else who has a similar problem i need advice
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I believe in meds with SZ I abused cocaine I spent all my money feeling meh the next day I stopped due to a family intervention saved my life he'll have to stop on his own ask him to see an addiction therapist or the psych.-scotty
I have tried but he wont even admit he does it he denies it says its not him ! I have left him as it has got too much for me i now i cant do anything unless he wants help i guess i will have to wait for that to happen
I'm sorry to hear that I wish I could further help you if you like to stay in touch I'm always online medhelp kk
This is so hard to detach my emotions and look after myself thanks for your kind words
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