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I wasnt quite sure where to post this, or if i even should post this, but i have to ask someone and this is the only place i can go to for help or advice becasue when i tell my mom she thinks im making it up, and when i told her i was depressed she blamed herself.. soo...
Okay my uncle was bipolar(really, really bipolar, he was put into a hospital) and it runs in the family right?
anyway i went to the doctor last year for my depression and he said i had clinical depression but i didnt wanna go to a therapist so i just didnt go back.. and i still have my depression problems although i dont harm myself anymore and i dont have suicidal thoughts as frequently. But my depression has developed into something that seems for like bipolar disorder than anything else cuz i have random highs and then i get really depressed( and i dont do drugs, nor am i on any perscribed medication)
BUT onto the schitzo stuff XD
I heard that being bipolar you can also have halutionations, so maybe im not schizophrenic but i cant help but wonder, im paraniod of alot of things including mirrors, bathrooms and 3:00 AM, 3:00 because i more often than not wake up around that time every night and hear things and see things. like angry little girls in my room, heavy footsteps that sound like boots, i hear the same melody over and over again(be it from an icecream truck or a fly) and various other things( like my mom saying i sing to myself at night around that time).. During the day quite often i see blue flashes of light around me, like something flying by, and i sometimes hear these odd screaching sounds that sound like some kind of like.. phoenix? I see people in the corner of my eye that were never there and ive found scratches on myself that were most definatley not casued by my cats, i wouldnt call it 'hearing voices' but theres a constant line of chatter going on in my head, they argue alot, and each one is like.. a different person? I feel like screaming all the time and visualize killing people alot.
I have a feeling im not doing so well mentally.. and im only 14, help? please dont call me immature, im not making this up, i just want help.
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Well it depends on when you have psychotic symptoms in relation to your mood as to whether you have major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder or schizophrenia, provided on the last one the exaggerated mood symptoms go away over time and your mood becomes blunted.  And it could even be something else.
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Basically the best thing to do is explain to your psychiatrist exactly what is going on as regards any new symptoms and they will then know how to best be able to help you.

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