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Can she be pregnant ?

My girl was on the last couple days of her period when she gave me a handjob .Some sperm got on her fingers in which she immediately wiped it off on my pants but right after she scratched her vagina .her fingers were still a bit moist although she washed it .Upon realizing what just took place I went to buy her the day after pill which she took 7 hours after this event happened just incase .I was wondering can she still get pregnant since she took the pill while she was on her period . I am very scared ,I can't even get rest at night can someone please get back to me .
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I would think that the chances of her being pregnant would be extremely slim, if any at this point.  Once she is off of her period ( and the bleeding has ceased), she can always take an otc pregnancy test if both of you aren't completely convinced that she is not pregnant. A really good idea from now on would be to practice safe sex w/ birth control, because the 'after pills' were not intended for any long term use.
Good Luck :)
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I understand thanks and yes the bleeding stopped like a day or two after she was at the very end of her period . I was just worried and wondering if there was a possibility of her getting pregnant because I read that u can't get pregnant while on your period and then I did more research and apparently there is a slight chance but with the day after pill it should have done the job because it was taken within 24 which ment it was 95% effective .
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No chance of her being pregnant.
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