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Large weight loss PLEASE HELP

This past month I have lost 15 lbs and most of it in the past week in a half. I stress over my b/f all the time because i get constant phone calls telling me that he cheats but i can't let him go. We broke up for a week and it was the wrong feeling i have ever felt. Newyears day my Gma died and now i have ppl callin me constantly telling me things about my b/f. I worry all the time what he is doing and ifhe is really cheating and i have noticed when i get really hungry and i get to eatting ill think of my situation with him or my grandma and get this feeling that i dont want to eat anymore. i go days without eatting because everytime i try to eat i always think of something that is bothering me and cant eat. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? HELP i now weight 100 lbs. last week i was 109. thats a lot of weight loss...im tryin to eat but it just isnt working.
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I'm not a medical professional by any means but I think you should trust your instinct if you feel that he is being unfaithful then move on. Talk to him and tell him how much he means to you. There is a possibility that he may not be cheating some envious girls might be trying to stir up trouble. It's your call, I'm sorry about your grandma, stay strong and try eating smaller meals throughout the day. Think positive and the stress will fade away.
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Is there a table or spot in your house that you can go to eat that doesnt include any of those stressors?  Anorexia nervosa is literally "anxious appetite loss"(or something like that).  I am not saying that you are anorexic, but if you continue not to eat you are at risk for meeting medical criteria for anorexia nervosa.

So as I was saying, find the most peaceful spot in your house to eat.  Put your phone in the other room, and dont answer it while you are eating your meal if anyone calls.  Dont have a tv.  Just a note of encouragement for yourself or some good music to calm yourself (NOT BF RELATED SONGS!)

Good luck hun!
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