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Stress or? (physical symptoms)

Thank you to anyone who reads this. It's kind of complicated, but I've been really stressed over this for so long and wanted to know others' opinions.

Prior to all of this, I was looking for a job and stressing over the fact I was (still am) unemployed. Though that made me feel stressed, I was quite optimistic and happy.

About two months ago I was listening to music with earbuds and noticed shortly after that I had slight ringing in my ears. I panicked after reading about tinnitus and how there is no cure. Went to a wedding later on and realized everything sounded way too loud. My ears hurt when people talked too loud and the music seemed terrible! I stayed out of the room a lot that night, feeling isolated and scared.
Thinking I damaged my ears even more from the wedding, I got even more stressed, anxious, and depressed. My hearing sensitivity remained for over a week. Things like pots and pans hitting eachother and people talking at normal levels made my ears feel weird.
I found out magnesium may help so I started taking that for a week--more than recommended dosage. A week later I noticed my wrists were clicking a lot. Randomly, but a lot more than I noticed before. A couple days later I noticed my knees were sore.
I had been holding my iphone a lot more than usual--researching tinnitus, so when I think about my wrists clicking and occasionally hurting, I wonder if it was caused by repetitive use, but still worry.

There are a lot of possible reasons for my knees. I've gone for long walks for years and around this time I had gotten new shoes that didn't fit right. Wore them a couple days and stopped because they hurt my feet. My old shoes were really worn out, but seemed more comfortable than the new ones, so I kept wearing them for about another week. My knees continued to ache, so I went to buy new shoes. While I was stressing about my ears, I didn't walk quite as much and sat around a lot. This could have contributed as well--(when I started walking again, I started out with too much too quickly maybe?)

I then noticed my knees would pop when I bent them backwards--so I freaked out, thinking maybe the magnesium I took weakened my muscles or something, causing all these symptoms. I felt like a hypochondriac, but I had already been really stressed over the ear ringing for weeks prior to this.
When I went to the doctor, he did some tests for magnesium, calcium, thyroid, and phosphorus--all normal, and diagnosed me with patellofemoral pain syndrome (pain in the knees). I started reading about that syndrome online a lot, finding out it could be chronic, which then fed my stress and anxiety. I started going to physical therapy and my knees haven't hurt like before. I am wondering if it really was just my shoes. My PT also said I had hypermobile joints--I can bend my knees back farther than normal.

What worries me still, however, is that all of this started around the same time and for many of these weeks I have been getting random muscle twitches throughout my body (legs, arms, back) and have been getting dull back aches as well. A couple days ago I even noticed my arms and hands were tingling. These could be the result of using the computer a lot, but I always use the computer and never had all of this happen before.

I was tested for lyme disease last week and it was negative, so it made me feel better. Last year I was bitten by two ticks--which I am pretty sure I pulled off right away. I'm still concerned about LD because I am always outside and like to hike on nature trails. This year I spotted two ticks sitting on blades of grass, but haven't noticed anymore on my body.

I would just like to know what anyone here thinks about my story. Could I just be overreacting? Could all of my recent symptoms be caused by constant stress and the contributing factors like bad shoes, posture, and overuse (of my phone and computer)?

I have had more energy lately--before I was so stressed I could hardly think about anything except the possibility I permanently damaged my knees and the ear ringing. I cried a lot, felt really exhausted and depressed.
I've always been an anxious person, stressing about a lot of little things. Depression isn't knew. I was fine before the past couple of months, however.

My knees don't hurt like they did. Went for a longer walk yesterday, but my wrists continue to act up--tingling and clicking with some pain and my muscles continue to twitch randomly throughout the day.
My ears still ring, but I'm getting used to it--it isn't loud, just scary and stressful at first.
I had no flu-like symptoms except headaches--possibly from stress...

Am I just being oversensitive? Is this stress or could this be something like lyme disease? I know LD can cause a lot of these things, but so can stress! I keep reading LD tests aren't always reliable and that starts to raise my stress level a lot. I really don't have terrible joint aches like a lot of LD symptom lists describe.
I would post this in the LD section, but wanted to know what others here thought about it.

I know stress causes bad physical symptoms sometimes--muscle twitching included.

Thank you again for reading. Sorry if it is a little confusing! Just needed to talk to others about it. Stress and anxiety make me think stupid things sometimes.
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Just a thought, and by no means am I a doctor or qualified to diagnose any hearing problems, but I've had bouts of tinnitus for years.  Your being sensitive can be because of earbuds (headphones) and being startled from loud noises can be because of stress or perhaps something like PTSD>

You seem like you have a million things going on.  You probably ought to take a step back and look at things.  
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You have a few issues going on.

You don't say how old you are, but that is really irrelevant.
You already have been told that you have hypermobile joints and because of that the joints are may be arthritic.  Xrays would confirm this.  Your patella femoral problem (if you have had a xray to rule out arthritis), is caused through overuse and from sport injuries.  Physiotherapy helps by giving you exercises to do to strengthen the muscles surround the joint.

The pins and needles that you feel in your writs, is likely to be carpal tunnel syndrome or from overuse from inflammation of the tendons.  The doctor can send you for nerve conduction tests to find out if you have carpal tunnel problems or not.  When the carpal tunnel is inflamed and narrowed, the tendons inside are being pinched, causing wrist pain and pins and needles.  The clicking noises you hear is called crepitus.

As regards your ears.  You should get them examined first of all to rule out any infections or sinus problems, build up of wax and your blood pressure checked.  Sometimes there is no underlying cause.  Loud noises damage the delicate hearing mechanism inside the inner ear.  It is also a good idea to get your hearing checked out by the Ears Nose and Throat consultant.

If no cause has been found, then unfortunately, as you know, there is no cure, and you have to learn to live with it.  If the noises get really loud and bad, the ENT people can supply an ear piece that produces what is called as "white noise" which distracts the brain the ear noise.  You will probably find that the ear noise (buzzing or whistling) is worse when you are in very quiet surroundings.

Although stress and anxiety can make any condition much worse, you do not need to see a psychologist.  There is nothing wrong with your brain.  You have physical symptoms and conditions.  Using the computer and tapping away at keys is repetitive and can cause problems with the wrists.
Limit your use of the computer and wear wrist supports.  You can purchase these from the pharmacist.  The doctor may recommend wrist splints that have a flat metal insert inside that keeps the wrists straight to help with support and healing.  The more you use your wrists as you have a problem now, the worse it will get if you do nothing about it and ignore it.  Any person has a repetitive job using the hands can get this problem.

Best wishes.
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Thank you!
Yes I definitely have been worrying a lot! It's been taking over my life.
I really hope it's my imagination and I will go to see a psycologist to see if that helps.
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Geez, Kit, you have worried yourself straight into a tizzy!  All of what you say tells me that you should see a mental therapist like a psychologist.  Not because you are 'crazy' (I don't beleive anyone is actually crazy except for very short-term nutty behavior), but because you have made yourself downright miserable with this over-analyzing your body.  I say that because people like me who do not over-analyze their bodies are generally happier, for one thing.  And they only wonder about their health when something obviously bad is happening, like fever, rash, vomiting, excessive bleeding, stuff like that.  Now, don't misunderstand me here.  I am not suggesting that there isn't anything wrong with your health.  You could really have a few problems to adress.  I just don't think you have as many problems as you think you do, physically.  Try to relax and do something you enjoy.  Take your mind off it.  And make an appt to see a psychologist.  I honestly think that would be good for you.  Blessings - Blu
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