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What's up with my dad?

I'm finally starting to wonder what's up with my dad. Some days he is very nice and seems to finally be letting go and others he's not. He has always gotten angry over little things and would ground me. Then he would turn around about five minutes later and say you can go out. He also does this with others. He is always changing his mind and he thinks that he is a calm, cool, and collected person, when really, it's very hard to predict what kind of response you will get from a normal question. As I get closer to going away to college his moods have become even more unpredictable. When I came back from vacationing with my mom, he seemed to finally be accepting the fact that I am grown up. The last few days however, he has "sweated the small stuff" so to speak and its been like a rollercoaster. Are his mood swings just from the stress of me, his first born, going to college, or are they something more.

On another note he has at least slight insomnia and his doctor gave him a bunch of sample sleeping pills. The pills either didn't work or they sent him to a halucination land where he saw cribbitts. He thought his girlfriend was a lion, so he tried to make her roar. Should he stop taking/trying sleeping pills? If so, what are some other methods he should try so he can sleep better?
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Suggest to him that the dr check his thyroid for hypothyroidism. That disease can cause all that you described.
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From what you have said I would think that there are stresses in your father's life, prehaps with work that you are not aware of but I do also think that you are right about you. You are growing up, leaving soon and this for any father is hard. I know my father is not happy at the moment. My younger sister has recently become a "woman" and he was unhappy because now (in his words) he has no babies, no little ones.  He feels as though all his little girls are all grown up and this may make him feel like we won't need him anymore.
I think as long as you keep contact, see him as often as you can he will be reassured that you still need him.
I hope that helped, even if it was only a little bit.
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