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Bipolar do i need to see neurologist

I have been like wanting to hurt my self and others getting in to fights with parents and just not wanting to do homework study exams feel stress and depressed and no one loves me likes me so is that it can that be bipolar
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thanks I proble talk to my nerio brain doc bc I am suppose to see him soon proble see if it is bc of my add and adhd then go from their bc its only at home.......
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There is a lot of difference between having a psychiatric illness and a psychological stress or problem. Bipolar is a very definitive diagnosis to make. Most teens are very stressed out in life, and often act out of normal. It is important to understand what is wrong with you. For this I would advise you to first consult a family doctor or your school or college’s counselor. If this person feels you need to consult a psychiatrist then please do so.  
Take care!
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