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Lump On Rib cage

I have had a lump on my rib cage for some time now .I was told by several Physicians over the years it was my rib,it was fatty tissue,it was cyst.Well now its growing and growing ,burns like fire.I have sharp pains in waves through my guts. Anyone had any symptoms as this .What kind of Dr do I see .Going to a heart Dr this week should I mention it too him? Please help....Scared......Thanks
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I'm going through the same thing honey! I'm 40,male and usually very healthy. I went to my doctor for a UTI and then I told and showed him the lumps on my right rib cage and side rib. He told me they felt like lipomas or cysts and i had nothng to worry about.  I often get rib pain from them like they're resting on a nerve. I can feel many tiny bumps,lumps and lipomas all over my ribs and some on my upper abs. My blood work came back fine! I hate these lumps. Sometimes I feel they have something to do from a fall i had 4 years ago,. I noticed ever since then the lumps started. Some doctors feel lumps are casused also from stress and blunt force traumas. It's bad enough I feel pain from them but alot of people waste money on scans and the docs say they're nothing. My right rib hurts when I take a deep breath. I think the one on my rib is growing. My 2 docs i spoke to claim to get them removed if they keep causing pain.  Well...I cant afford a surgery and no money for a scan. My doctor told me since my blood work is fine that they must be harmless. Well. I've done alot of research on this and sometimes these lumps are caused by stress too or possibly infections in the body. Many doctors feel lipomas form also from an injury that never healed correctly. Many don't either. LUMPS ARE ALL A MYSTERY TO DOCTORS. lol...Please contact me. You can talk to me. We can exchange contact info. I can tell you the other stuff my doc told me. I'm only going to do something about them if the pain becomes really bad. I hope they don't grow. I have alot of back pain as it is due to a bad disk and maybe that has alot to do with it. Ughh... Sean
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ok i feel like this lumps under my skin said i had shingles 6 weeks ago and now these appear i'm freaking out please help hurts to lay on left side any ideas would help
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