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Radiating Arm pain..for a month ?

For over a month now I have had this radiating pain in my right arm.
I would describe it as a deep ache that starts in my bicep and goes to my wrist.
I can't move my arm behind my back and it feels weak.
I can't sleep at night some nights.
Also last week I was shopping and I felt a sudden flash of numbness in the right cheek like intense pressure and I felt disorientated and about to faint.. I sat on a chair and didn't move for a few minutes.
I felt odd like I couldn't speak or stand up .
I wanted to cry ask for help but I couldn't.
It only lasted a few minutes.. After that I felt dizzy nauseous for about an hour.

I have had a new problem with feeling nauseous and frequent urination for a few months now also.

I'm wondering if anyone knows my symptoms.. If it's a pinched nerve that will come right.

Or something to be concerned  about.

I didn't fall or pull a muscle.. Any advice would be appreciated.

Im a 46 ur old female and usually  pretty  healthy and active.
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Hello~Your condition definitely sounds like it could be helped by some chiropractic adjustments. It sounds like you have some pinched nerves along with misaligned vertebrae in your spine. You could also have some vertebral misalignment in you neck, this could possibly cause the flash of numbness and other feelings that you had.

I would however, ask your PCP for a carotid arterial scan, there could possibly be some minute blockages in your carotid arteries causing the dizziness and feelings like you will black out and are numb, this would be called a TIA (Little stroke) I am not saying it is, but when I hear symptoms like this, I always feel it is best to have it checked, it may prevent a full blown stroke later on. I don't want to scare you, I am just suggesting that issues like this should be looked into.

I hope you feel better soon. God bless you.
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