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Sneezing after meals in restaurants

I am a female and almost always sneeze uncontrolably for a few minutes after finishing meals in restaurants.  For a long time I thought it was the wine...but drinking wine with meals doesn noot cause me to sneeze at home.  Now I wonder if there is some kind of preservative that most restaurants use that might be setting me off.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Or an idea?

This discussion is related to why does my boyfriend sneeze after eating?.
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Sneezing in restaurants can be due to dust, molds, AC, or due to food sensitivities to a particular type of food. Another possibility is gustatory rhinitis which is triggered the maximum by hot spicy food and alcohol. Usually food items in restaurants are more heavy on oils and spices. Sneezing can also be a response to distended stomach and usually one eats more when one goes out for a meal.
Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Maybe an allergy test should be done. Take care!
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Sorry, this is not the issue.
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I always have a runny nose when I eat out.  Don't have a clue why, but your not alone.  There has to be something we are eating that makes us have allergies.
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Barb669, I have wondered this for most of my adult life. I'm now 65 and my mother also had this issue. When I was about 28, it started and she said she had dealt with this. I just LOVE medical people who think it's the wine or the spices or that we ate too much. Why does it NEVER happen at home, not ever? I eat spicy food regularly and it doesn't happen, I drink wine sometimes but not much and it is equally at home, friend's houses and restaurants. Something else is happening because I've had friends who know me well comment that about 20 m inutes into being in the restaurant and eating that the sneezing begins. I think it has something to do with the air filtration system in the restaurant. IT'S NOT THE FOOD! I've dealt with this long enough to know that if I bring the same food home and drink the same amount of wine, nothing happens! It's our only little magical sneeze fest. No one seems to know what causes it and these trite answers from medical people who haven't dealt with it and really have no idea are not helpful. I will keep trying to find out. But I really believe there has to be something in the air circulation system.
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More likely it's the harsh cleansers they use in restaurants, but who knows?  Do know you are responding to a post that is 11 years old.
I had thought that it might be cleaners myself, or maybe the chemicals they use in green salads to keep the lettuce fresh longer, or even fine mist of fry oil in the air.  Chances are you eat all of your salad at the restaurant and don't bring it home, and are not frying as much (if at all) at home.  I, myself suffer (no matter where I am) to a bit of a sneeze fest (5-6 when I usually only sneeze once (or almost never) any other time) when ever I cough while eating; ie something goes down the wrong pipe or whatever might cause the cough.  I also have post nasal drip (if I don't use an antihistamine) which causes me to cough; it something is too cold, or scratchy; like a grit of some protein powders in a smoothie (yes that sensitive.)  Maybe in your case it is sneezing.  Although I hesitate to  answer, as you got so worked up at others replies.  Most of us posting here are just regular folks trying to help give you some ideas.  
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