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nasty boil? should I go to the doctor?


I have this huge painful red purplish boil thing near my eye (cheek bone). 2 nights ago I developed a severe stabbing headache that lasted about 24 hours. It had subsided but returned today.

I put a hot compress on it and got a decent amount of pus out (this was yesterday). Today I woke up with my eye swollen as well as another white head on it. So I did another compress and alot came out. Then the swelling on my eye went pimpledown some. Still looks somewhat bruised like I got punched in the eye... later in the day I got a more pus out. It still hurts and on that side of my face and head hurt pretty bad (the headache is back but more localized). It looks the same just smaller (from draining it).

My question is should I watch and wait? Or go to the doctor, since I am able to drain it?

Thanks in advance,
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I don't want to alarm you but the same thing happened to my aunt. It all started with a boil under her right eye which caused her severe headache and pain. Pus came out the next day but another boil grew near the first one. When she consulted a doctor she was informed that she had several boils beneath her right eye which may cause her to lose the eye when they finally burst. And it did happen. So I suggest that you go to the doctor immediately to get the proper treatment before something serious happens.
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It doesn't sound like a normal zit.  

Squeezing could be spreading the infection.  If it is an abscess the spot will fester until the core root has been removed and you may require a nurse or doctor may need to remove it.

As the hot compress is helping to bring the rubbish to the surface, do this rather than squeeze.

I would make an appointment to see the doctor as you may require an antibiotic to kill off any infection.

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A community acquired MRSA type of staph infection-not as common-
is resistant to most antibiotics, but not all.
This is due to the overuse of antibiotics that helps such strains
of bacteria evolve fast and develop abx resistance.
And again it may resolve on its own, after the doctor drains it and cleans it,
(preferred over self-draining)and without the use of abx.
It's the attending doctor's call.

I have already answered this question, on a different post in this community.

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