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Drinking 4 litres of water every day

I drink one litre of water immediately i raise  from the bed in the morning.After that i take 1 litre of water two hours after my breakfast.Then i take another 1 litre of water 2 hours after my lunch.Again i take another 1 litre of water  two hours after my dinner.Total i consume 4 litres per day. I  have mild hypertension and had T wave inversion  32 years back. I am taking medicines related to the heart I am perfectly normal and under control.No problem or whatsoever because of them.My doubt is as under-:

1.Whether this consumption of 4 litresof water will have  any effect on my health. Is it good or bad on the health.

2.whether the kidneys will be effected?

3.Can i consume that much of water everyday or shall i reduce or increase it?
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Drinking too much water can lead to a condition known as water intoxication and to hyponatremia. This is most commonly seen in infants under six months of age and sometimes in athletes. This also results when a dehydrated person drinks too much water without the accompanying electrolytes.

Excess water outside the cells draws sodium from within the cells out to re-establish the necessary concentration. As more water accumulates, the serum sodium concentration drops , hence, hyponatremia.  Both electrolytes and water move across the cell membrane in an effort to balance concentration. Electrolyte imbalance and tissue swelling can cause an irregular heartbeat, allow fluid to enter the lungs, and may cause fluttering eyelids. It can also affect  the brain and nerves,which can cause seizures, coma and ultimately death.

The kidneys of a healthy adult can process up to fifteen liters of water a day. As long as you drink water over time and not too much water  at one time, you are unlikely to suffer from water intoxication. It is recommended to drink  8-12 glasses a day, more if the weather is warm or very dry, if you are exercising, or if you are taking certain medications. This is important to restore the body of the needed fluids. Excess usually goes to the urine, sweat and other insensible water losses. The important thing is to drink the 4 liters over the course of the day.

Take care and regards.
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I thank you very much for your valuable advice doctor
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