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Extremely tight foreskin..?

Hi everyone,
I'm 18. And I am overweight.
I have had this problem with my penis for a while.
As a child, I was circumcised. I don't know what happened.
During puberty, this is what happened to my penis.
I can feel the rest of my penis in my fat pad.
And i can see it here. lol.

Do any of you know whats wrong?

I can still ejaculate.
Urinating is kind of difficult, whenever I want to get to the hole of the penis, I have to move my foreskin up to get to it. It is so tight, when I have an erection, it hurts.

Thank you!

(I shaved it today so you all could see what's wrong.)

Photos here (more available upon request)

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Hi, I'm not a doctor but I think that what you have is referred to as a burried penis. I don't know as to why this has not been addressed sooner.
It would be best for you to be consulting with a doctor who could refer you to a urologist.

All the best.

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Unfortunately the pictures could not be opened but form the symptoms it sounds like phimosis. Phimosis is a constriction of the opening of the foreskin so that it cannot be drawn back over the tip of the penis. Diagnosed by a physical examination.

Treatment includes application of a steroid cream to the foreskin up to three times a day for about a month to loosen the adhesive ring. If ballooning during micturition is present, then surgical removal of all or part of the foreskin(circumcision) may be recommended. Please get yourself thoroughly examined by a surgeon.

I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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From what I have seen on the pictures that this young man had posted, it is not phimosis. There seems to be very little of the penis sticking out past the scrotum.
The penis seems to be trapped inside. Some what like pictures I have seen that list is as burried penis. This man also mentioned that he had been cirumcised as a child, therefore pimosis would not be logical.

I'm not trying to correct you as you have far greater knowledge than what I have as just a patient myself. I have copied the links and pated them in the address bar to view them. I was able to view all photos.

I would also like to get your opinion in regards to the fistula that I have as listed below?

I have had my review with the urologist on September 23. I don't remember too much as I had just been treated for a groin abscess and sepsis.
A reverse urethrogram and cystoscopy were performed and showed that the fistula was still there since March of 2008.
The urologist told me that the fistula is small and that surgery might not be neccessary. He has me returing in March of 2010 for another cystoscopy.
My concerns are as follows.
1. The risk of UTI kidney infections. This was how the fistula was discovered by myself during a stay in hospital for a kidney infection and pneumonia.

2. The embarrisment of not being able to control passing gas through the penis. When this takes place, at times small amounts of urine will be expelled as well.

3. What will be the long term result of leaving the fistula as it is? Would it not be easier to repair this fistula now at the age of 45 than waiting till I'm older? the fistula has not healed after almost 2 years and I think that it will not close on it's own.

4. Should this fistula be repaired? Leaving it poses the risk of continued infections. Between 1996 up to 2003 I used to end up with kidney infections and UTI about every 3 to 4 months. I don't want this to happen again.
In 1995 I had surgery, resection of the bladderneck and TURP. Could this have caused a weak area? in 1996 I was diagnosed as having a neurogenic bladder. I used intermittant catherization. The urologist believes that I created the fistual with catherization. Would this not return if the suprapubic catheter is removed and I go back to self catherization?
the fistula is located between the prostate and rectum.
Please advise me as to what the best option will be? Since the fistula has not closed on it's own by now, I have very little hope that it will close by March 2010.

Please answer my questions? I was not completely aware of what took place since my last cystoscopy, as I had not slept for a couple of days
Your insight is greatly appreciated.

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You might want to give a direct link of your pictures or put them in as an attachment.
Your link is good as I was able to copy the link and paste it in the address bar.

I believe that you son't have phimosis, but something more serious. You stated that you were circumcised as a child and herefore phimosis seems unlikely, unless very little of the foreskin was removed.

In your case the penis seems to be hidden in the scrotum.

I could have reposted your pictures on here but I feel that this is personal and only you should be doing this.

All the best.

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