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Help!!! Chronic testicle, groin, lower back pain!! :'(

I'm a 20 year old male suffering!!!

It's very difficult to describe my symptoms because they always change.  But basically, my right testicle has this very uncomfortable feeling to it.  It isn't a pain but like an achy, dull feeling to it.  It’s like a constant reminder that something is there and out of the norm. When I physically touch it, it isn't painful except for the bottom part of it where I assume is where the epididymis and testicle connect.  It's a very unbearable discomfort since it's chronic and unmanageable.  However, I do have actual pain in my right groin.  After doing my own research, I would call this my spermatic cord or my inguinal canal.  The pain is usually dull but I do have some sudden sharp pains that quickly come and go.  The other main source of discomfort is my lower right back on my pelvis area right above the buttocks.  It feels like this ache that I need to constantly massage to make it feel better.  I feel little rubbery nodules when I do massage this area.  I also feel a tender spot on my actual lower spine.

These symptoms are chronic/persistent.  However, periodically I get the same feeling on my left testicle/groin/lower back.  When it happens on my left side, it doesn't last a very long time.  But there is times when both testicles ache for almost a whole day.

Occasionally, this discomfort/pain radiates down my right butt cheek or down into my thigh or the tendons right above my knee.  When it radiates into these areas, it's only for a short period of time.  However, this referred pain never happens on the left side. Recently, I also began having some discomfort in my perineum area as well but I don’t know if this is related.

This problem first started when I was 18 years old.  During this time, I was checked for STD's and given ultrasounds of my scrotum and kidneys.  I didn't have any STD's nor kidney stones.  But the scrotum ultrasound only diagnosed me for Vericocele.  The Urologist I saw at this time told me it wasn't a big deal and prescribed Naproxen.  I didn't find that any NSAID's helped me.  However, the discomfort ended up suppressing itself for the next two years to a point where I could do my daily activities and not worry about it.

Two years later, or about three months ago, the discomfort came back much worse and persistant.  I went to see my doctor, where after a negative urinalysis; I was given Doxycycline for Epidytimitis.  Didn't help.  I was then told it was Prostatitis.  After having my prostate checked for normal results, I was still put on Levaquin and Flomax just in case.  Didn't help.  I then got a CT scan on my pelvis area where everything came back normal except for scattered lymph nodes in the retroperitoneum and the mesentery that were ignored because they didn’t meet CT criteria for enlarged lymph nodes.

Then I was told it could be my genitofemoral nerve, which runs from my back to my scrotum along my groin.  I was then placed on anti-inflammatory steroid tablets, methylprednisolone.  Up to this point, it was VERY difficult for me to roll out of my bed to do my daily tasks as if it was a simple headache.  After taking the methylpredisolone, I felt as if God was giving me a break. This medication has been the only thing that has helped.  It didn't completely go away but it got to a point where I was no longer climbing up the walls in misery.

After telling my doctor about this, he wanted to send me to a Neurologist to get a steroid shot in my spine since taking oral steroids can't be a long term solution.  However, before being referred, the neurologist suggested to make sure it wasn't a hernia.  So then I was then sent to a general surgeon where he said it wasn't a hernia and that I should get a second opinion from an Urologist.  So then I go to the Urologist where after a negative physical exam on my scrotum, I was told he couldn't help me, but a visit to a Neurologist was his recommendation.   Along with his recommendation, he also believed that it can't be my genitofermal nerve since the location of this nerve is too high and deep compared to the area of discomfort in my lower back.   He also said he would think it's a bulging disc in my spine if the pain is bilateral.  But since the discomfort is chronic on my right side and periodic on my left, I don't know if this would be considered bilateral.

Besides everything else mentioned above, I also tried visiting a chiropractor and trying acupuncture.  After a few visits to both with little to no improvements, I stopped going because I couldn’t keep affording it, especially when I wasn’t seeing improvements.   Now since all arrows are pointing to a Neurologist, I got my referral to see one.
At my initial appointment, I was given a few physical exams and was sent to get an MRI on my lower back region where results were normal.  I found this as a bitter/sweet feeling since my hunt still continued. After following up with the Neurologist, he ordered a second MRI, this time on my pelvis, which also came back normal.
I have hit a dead end and I no longer know what to do. Can anybody help me???? :(

Every time I see a new doctor, I try to have hope that I will find a solution to my agony.  But after being turned down so many times and having so many possible diagnostic solutions fail, I have a fear that I'm going to just have to life with this.  I’m always simply told to take NSAID’s which don’t even touch the problem.  Regardless if I’m laying down, sitting, or standing up, it’s STILL there. Neither sneezing nor coughing tends to make it worse.  Urinating and ejaculation is normal and painless. I can’t find any sorts of trends with this. Sleeping has become very difficult.  I also have feelings of emotional distress, anger, and tension build up since I feel so helpless.

I'm 20 years old and this pain has pretty much taken over my life. I’m now on anti-depressants to stop all the negative thinking that's caused by this (unseen cancer, chronic pain that won't ever be cured or diagnosed). I really wouldn't want to go to an extreme of getting an orchiectomy but I really can't live like this for the rest of my life.
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Sounds a lot like my case but earlier in life. I put up with pain for a long time before I found a compassionate and well schooled urologist who diagnosed varicoceles on both sides. At my age of forty five we decided removal of both testicles and HRT was the best option.

The above is not meant to scare you. With HRT  I was still sexually capable, just guaranteed sterile. I never wanted to father children so that suited me just fine.

Most doctors are loathe to mess with a guy's 'manhood'. I went through a lot of them before finding the capable/competent doctor. I've been comfortable ever since. Able to do a full day's work, and enjoy life in general.
Hi JohnnyLee! I felt very touched with your story. I want to suggest for you to try something. It will seem like insignificant but believe it or not, it may just work! I grow up in a foreign country hearing people talk about catching cold that slithered inside one's body and settled there making it so hard to kick it out and making your body muscles ache badly. Yep, sir! what you have is simply COLD. It's crazy, but that's the truth. That's why when you were in that cold theater, you felt so sick. Now, you need to chase it out of your body. How? Just by looking for the opposite "HEAT" and putting it in your body. How? Look for "Hot springs" and go swim in them. I know they exist everywhere in the world. Drink hot green tea with ginger in it. Take frequent hot baths and AVOID anything cold, especially drinking things with ice. Do everything that will warm you from inside and you will see you pain will eventually disappear. If you have money, go for a vacation somewhere dry. Stay there for sometime. Try to walk with bare foot on hot sand and NEVER do it on the floor or cement ground. I hope this helps!    
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Losing a testicle or two at 20 years old definitely scares me!! But I've also thought about how this could be my only solution. I would be worried that my discomfort isn't coming from my testicle, but rather my lower back or my groin.
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Johnny, have you observed anything strange with your semen? Maybe the color, its consistency, or some brown/yellow jelly-like clumps (bigger or lot more than before)?
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Thank you for responding to my post! Truly means a lot to me.

As far as I know my semen is fine. No sorts of clumps and it looks white to me.

Since I posted this, I have received a steroid shot on my buttocks which didn't help. I am currently going to physical therapy. I have only gone twice but I have seen no results.

I'm also on my second week of Lyrica, which hasn't done anything. Ultracet gives me little relief. Enough to give me the mental strength to roll out of bed.

I stopped taking the anti-depressants because I hate the way I feel with them. I feel more suicidal while I'm on them. I really hate this :(
Please JohnnyLee, don't take any kind of medicine. They won't help you at all. What you have is simply COLD. It settled in side your testicles and your back bones. Look for things that will warm your body and chase it out. Take a vacation to a dry place like Texas. Stay there for at least 3 weeks. Walk on the hot sand with bare foot. Look for hot springs and go for a swim. take everyday hot baths and drink too much green tea with ginger root in it. try to use ginger and thyme in all your food. Go for hot food like soups and drink water and any kind of drink without ice. Try to even do acupuncture and cupping therapy. These also have amazing results on your health. For now, stop anything that can cool your body like using fans or air conditioning. I am sure if you do all that, you will be happy. It s a lot, but believe me, so many of our trouble is related to our habits. Think about it!  
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Same thing plz call 3307743302
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Same thing plz call 3307743302
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Been to urologist twice, had ct scan, ultrasound, 2 rpunds antibiotics, steroids, pain goes where it wants from inner grpin to tops of yestis , to rt side lower back. I  was totally jealthy and this hit me out of the blue and is not going away. Actually am starting to get lump on top of right guy, almond size and sometimes it gets smaller, same on rt with varicocele. Starting to thinl tumor in kidney but ct scan should have shown?  Ready to die in my sleep. I hate waking up like this every day and havent been able to work due to pain, not sure what to do but have had it with doctors not helping at all and tajing my money. Plz let me know what you find because I have done a lot of research and yours is xactly like mine. This is so debilitating and painful , I feel you dude, this *****, I need some answers please, anybody! Help
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I have this chronic testicle pain for over 12 years. This pain goes up to my left lower back and down to my left testicle on regular basis along with chronic burning pain when passing urine. My testicles have been shrunken in size and lots of viens around my testicles. It's been given me great concern and affecting my entire life. However I still have great sex with my patner. The worst nightmare is that Doctors said I don't have a single sperm in my semen after series of sperm analysis. And this has got me crazy as I still want to have kids, this I have told my wife as I don't know how she will react as she want to have baby too. It worries me a great deal. I have been to two different Urologist and different things were diagnosed and treated with antibiotics but no improvement. Among the diagnosis were Varicocele which I have done the surgical operation twice, prostatitis and std which I have treated with antibiotics. All these have been treated but I still did not get any result.
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Check out gui zhi fu ling wan, I came accross the other day and otdered it. Apparently chinese medical report showed that 80% in study were cured of varicocele and increased sperm. U ll have to research but $10 bottle for 60 and hve to take7a day....i haven t been able to sleep all night cuz of pain .  I  honestly cannot stand this..mentally n physically..it s ridiculous and I am a tough guy it s just the pain above buttock side of hip groin n testicles is crazy..i am thinking pinched pudendal and hip needs realliganed at chiro
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About two weeks ago I found this Urologist that knows how to do a procedure called microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord. After he gave me an ultrasound personally to make sure his expert eyes didn't see anything, we scheduled an appointment for July 17th for me to go through this procedure.

Im real iffy about it though because he also gave me a temporary nerve block. He said that if it helped, then the surgery would be very much in my favor. However, this nerve block didn't do **** for me besides make my penis numb. I'm not sure if he just inserted it wrong but since I'm so desperate for relief, I still agreed on surgery.

What the surgery does is they open your spermatic cord and they cut all the nerves that run into your scrotum. I THINK this also includes the perineal nerve, which is a branch from the pudendal nerve.

I too thought it was my pudendal nerve but at physical therapy they told me it wasn't that, but I still continue to have my doubts about everything these stupid people tell me.

But this new Urologist gave me a 70% chance it'll help my testicle & groin pain. The bad news is also that this doesn't include the pain in my lower back, perineum, and when it radiates down my thigh.

I'm also a big p***y when it comes to surgery. But I'm willing to do whatever to get my life going again :(

Btw, its interesting that you mentioned gui zhi fu ling wan. I've never tried that but I did try qian lie xian wan. During my countless hours of online reading, i thought I had chronic pelvic pain syndrome and i read that these pills helped. I ordered some and they didn't do ANYTHING for me. So don't waste money on those.

I'm also surprised that I haven't had any semen analysis. I wonder if i should ask about that?
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Hey Johnny, there are physical therapists who specialize in this.  I'm not sure where you are in the country.  Probably if you go to the hermanwallace website and find out who is in your region who has taken the visceral and the male pelvic advanced course, they can help you without needless surgery.
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Hi, ive got almost identical problems to you, been in pain now for 7 months had all sorts of antibiotics and they don't seem to do anything, the doctors keep telling me its epididymitis but ive had no swelling. some days the pain is just in my testicle some its in my groin and some is in both im totally fed up now and the naproxin dont seem to help its such a depressing state to be in its like bollock toothache! going back to the docs in a few days, if anyone finds a miracle cure be sure to post it here.
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37 y/o male

Same symptoms as the above

Pain/discomfort in lower right groin and lower back that also seems to radiate to the right testicle or the opposite. I'm not too sure where it starts. Physical exertion, lifting weights or pushing on the areas cause no additional pain. Seems to get worse after sitting for a 30 minutes or longer. No changes in urine or semen. No discharges or burning. No STD's. No hernia.
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Jayhawkk, my symptoms sound exactly like that!!! back pain but never worsened by lifting and what not. My right testicle is killing me though!!!!

soreball, 7 months sounds like eternity to me!! I've been struggling for 6 months and every 24 hours that passes by I'm more convinced to remove my testicle.

I was so desperate that I went though with the microsurgery where they cut the nerves running to my scrotum. It has been two weeks now and I'm still in pain. :( I told my urologist about this and he told me to wait at least 4-6 weeks to determine how the surgery went. but since I know this pain too well, I know its not going to relief in those remaining 2-4 weeks.

I think my next step is either going to be looking at my sacroilliac joint:


after reading this webpage, I have a feeling this might be it. My urologist will probably send me to either physical therapy or pain management.  At that point I will ask which one would work with my SI joint.  That or I need to find a good pelvic expert like wubzy mentioned above or even an orthopedic that knows what's going on.

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I feel your pain! My left one hurts but is kinda a numb uncomfortable pain, my hip pain is much worse and the pain shoots down to my left knee. My right side hurts every now and then but that pain doesn't touch my left side! I tried inversion table and chiropractic but doesn't help.. Left nut is uncomfortable and I've never liked it touched, if someone ever got to close my reflex pushes them away. The left one is larger I'm. Not sure if hip pain is related to nut but seems like they both hurt at same time... I also noticed the  limpnoids.. I'm 24 years old and kinda tall, I'm not sure if wearing a belt causes the hip pain or what, I'm scared to how nuts to dr , I really am petrified to become a uni-baller
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i have has this going on for almostr 2 years now my left testis would hurt and it feels as though someone is shoving something like rebar up my left groin  the pain would shoot down my left leg and my leg and foot would go numb kinda like asleep but out of nowhere and for no reason I am on workers comp and when i had gone to 2 urologist and 2 pain management doctors. and a BS drug test Doctor place that took 3 times to do a drug test but that is another funny story that released me to the urologist i had traumatic epedmites. in both testis where i had pushed urine into my testis and acid etched them /after that healed about 3 months i was still in pain in my left groin and testis the urologist blew me off and sent my back to work about 3 months later i re injured the real problem the pain now never we3nt away it just changed from 5 to going to the hospital for good pain medicean and i hate hospitals no matter how good the medecision is the neuro oligest they finaly said i had minor nerve damage in my leg and blew me off he gave me hydrocodones 5 a joke pain killer  then he said i was taking too many as the pain kept getting worse so he put me on tegretol. never take this pill it can give you skitsofrantic episodes  and you cant do any thing. so i went back to the pain management he gave me a shot of cortisone directly into the spine did absolutely nothing but hurt a bit getting itthey did an mri of my lower back and just happened to get the  T12 L1 with disk that was bulged and pressing on my spinal cored  so it took almost 6 more months to get the surgery now within 2 weeks my right testis feels like some one taped a old good m80 to it and blew it up but the pain does not stop like it was gone so now i have triple the pain in my right testi and extreme pain now running on the right from my knee to just below my breast bone kinda like be cut open not that i have had that happen and they are doing nothing about the 2 disks in mt upper in spine i think c 3 ad 4

as a quick note cat scans wont show any disk problems with or with out the juice they did 4 of them on me before the set of MRI and if it is groin pain the nerves that come from this is a link to the spine and the where the nerves go for the layman


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this sounds like my pain 13 months now had ct scan mri bone scan all normal seen pain specialist had nerve block and injections in back no help.pain is unbearable but doctors cant find anything wrong im off work because of the pain im in and my quality of life *****.no they want me to start a what they call a tier 3 program from my understanding it a 10wk program to put you back to work.dont get me wrong I really miss work but I know there is no way I could do my job in this condition.please anybody help me I dont know what to do from here.
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First, you need to relax yourself.   You are not the one, there are several men who are having this pain, managing, and you should read some success stories on how people who fought and came out of this pain.

When there is no diagnosis for this chronic pain, possibly it can be related to Myofascial pain, or the CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome).     The stretches and trigger point release techniques do help for some.

When there are no STDs, and all the tests are normal, it could be possibly CPPS, a tension disorder.    The muscles in the pelvic floor that surrounds the prostate contracts involuntarily, causing weird pains which becomes chronic, and very difficult to diagnose.

Do you see any reduced ejaculate?

Are you generally a worried/tensed person, having catastrophic thinking?

Regarding the de-nervation/nerve blocks,  are you diagnosed first for any nerve damage?    

In your MRI, is there anything mentioned on Coccyx, is it normal?   Sometimes, sitting for very long hours can RSI (repetitive strain injury), any injury in coccyx may cause strange radiating pains.

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I just read your initial post one more time.  Your only evidence diagnosed is the varicose veins.  Have you visited a different urologist for a second opinion?   You doctor must surely rule out it is not causing the pain.

Pain from one side shifting to the other side is a typical symptom of CPSS and Myofascial pain.    The pain will be unilateral in constant, however suddenly on a day it will shift from one side to the other side.  During this time, the pain in the original side will be absent or reduce for many of them, however it will come back to its original side after few days.

Have you read this book "A headache in pelvis"?

Surgery should be a lost option, however it will still not work if in case it is CPPS.    

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Thank you for your detailed reply. Truly means a lot to me. And sorry for the delayed reply.

I did take into consideration that I had CPPS. But in many searches it was rare reading that CPPS caused testicle pain. Regardless, I still went to physical therapy and was excited when I was told I was going to try trigger point release therapy. But after many many sessions it did nothing for me.

As far as I know the amount that I ejaculate doesn't seem reduced. I also don't find tha ejaculation not urinating make my pain worse.

I never thought I was a person who generally worried or tensed up. But after having this issue start, I have become a VERY worried and anxious person. This has depressed me so much that I have been taking anti-depressants to try to control my suicidal thoughts since I can't tolerate this pain.

It's been over two months since my denervation sergery. And I must say it gave me SOME relief but no where near the amount of relief to where I can function and do a routine life. I was never diagnosed for any nerve damage prior to the surgery. He did try a nerve block before to see if it would help because he said if it did help, it means the denervation would be in my favor. But the block didn't help. I was still desperate and went through the surgery regardless.

My MRI came back normal but the only thing unusual was a retroaortic left renal vein. I wasn't sure what this was but after researching it, I didn't find this to be of any relation since my urinary function is fine. I didn't read anything about my coccyx but I will definitely take another look.

All of doctors have concluded that varicocele is def not the cause. I also agree with them because I was told I had a bigger vericocele on my left side and it was still very small.

"The pain will be unilateral in constant, however suddenly on a day it will shift from one side to the other side.  During this time, the pain in the original side will be absent or reduce for many of them, however it will come back to its original side after few days"

The reason I quoted that was because this feel like its right on the money!!! I haven't had pain on the left side in months!!! Just chronically now on my right side. But when this issue first started for the first 3-4 months, I would get them on both sides. And I would feel that when my left testicle would hurt, my right testicle pain would reduce. But I told myself I just felt that way because I felt more balanced with both sides hurting instead of one. But now that its 9 months later, I see no issue with my left side...but I have never forgotten that it was there at one point in time.
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Is CPPS also possible cause if the pain is unilateral and does NOT shift? I have a cycling pain that is ache in testicle, then soreness in groin, alternating sometimes or both sometimes like a previous poster mentioned. 3 months now, urologist even said its not a urological issue, but then gave me a pamphlet on scrotal pain. Very like doctors to hedge their bets on advice when they haven't got a clue.
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What is the % of success you received in your de-nervation procedure, and is the doctor saying it is going to be long lasting?    I guess it sometime causes testicular atrophy.

Have you done TRUS (trans rectual ultrasound) of the prostate to see if any deformities or cysts seminal vesicle?

Regarding CPPS, can you say for how long you continued with your stretches?     Initially it will be difficult,1 step forward = 4 steps backward.

I understand the pain is suicidal and agonizing, unable to perform, etc.   Right now I'm swamped with my work, when time permits, I will write my success story.

I just want to tell you one thing - Never loose hope.

There is one more topic going on similar to this.    Please see my recent post there.

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Yes, not necessary that it will shift from one side to another for everyone.     The soreness/or tenderness to touch the genital not necessarily from cycling.

However, have you consulted a neurologist and rule out PNE (Pudendal Nerve Entrapment), done any MRI or EMG?   PNE is not very common, I hope you will not have it, unless you have done rigorous cycling and injured somehow.
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My husband has going through this very same thing for the last two years. After three urologists, several cat scans, antibiotics, anti depressants, flomax, pain killers and a very invasive procedure where they explored his penis with a camera, nothing has worked to ease his constant pain.  Sometimes in his testicles, sometimes in his abdomen, sometimes in his side.  It travels, worsens, let's up, but never goes away.  He's had one nerve blocker that didn't work at all.  All his doctors kept telling him that it was stress related and while he has a stressful job he's had the same job for 16 years!  

His last urologist referred him to pain management and he just had the appointment.  This doctor believes that the pain is originating in his spine and has just sent him for an MRI.  Regardless of the MRI results, we are moving forward with a steroid injection in s spine.  Is doctor believes that his lower back pain (which he's had for years and always thought it was being on his feet all day) is actually a nerve issue that is creating pain in his abdominal region.  The injection is scheduled for next week and I will keep you posted on the results.  I'm not sure where we will go from here.  He is not even 40 yet.  This is no way to live!
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