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Husband has scrotal infection??

My husband has been having scrotal pain and a small lump.  He had an ultrasound and found no cancer.  He says the Dr. said he had an infection and perscribed antibiotics.  He says the Dr. didn't run any other tests.  I am assuming this is epididymitis.  He is uncirumcised and doesn't have any other symptoms of an infection (UTI).  What would be the cause of this?  Is it from an STD otherwise?  Shouldn't the Dr. have done at least a urine test to check for an infection?  He claims it can't be an STD because he hasn't cheated but of course he would say that.  Do I have reason for concern or could he just have an infection for no apparant reason?  He says he had a mild scrotal injury from a ball when he was young.  He says he hasn't had a sex drive for a couple of months and the Dr. says that this was the cause and was normal but how could the Dr. know it was an infection and what type to treat if she didn't run any tests?
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As the ultrasound has come out negative,so other possibilities apart from epididymitis have been ruled out. In sexually active men, Chlamydia trachomatis is the most frequent causative microbe, followed by E. coli and Neisseria gonorrhoeae.Out of these Chlamydia and gonorrhea are sexually acquired but E.coli can be acquired as such also.It is not compulsory that it is caused by intercourse only;non sexual causes of epididymitis are also there.
I sincerely suggest you to consult a urologist and get color Doppler ultrasound done to confirm the diagnosis.
I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind regards.

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Thanks for the response.  He is now telling me that the Dr. did a urine test to check for UTI and it came back negative but she gave him a script for Cipro 500mg 2xday for 10 days.  He isn't running a fever so I wonder why she would assume it was an infection.

Another reason that added to my concern is that I do remember him complaining of being "uncomfortable" urinating a while back and he showed me the head of his penis that was red and irritated around the urethral opening.  It raised a flag for me but he said it was nothing, it happend from time to time and it would go away.  That combined with him not wanting to have sex the last few months raises a flag.

I asked him to go with me to take STD tests and I offered to take them with him but he is refusing citing that he is offended.  I want to trust him but have a hard time trusting anyone and this is not something I play around with.

He is being uncooperative and I can't force him to do anything he is refusing to do.

PLEASE!!!!!!  If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!
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