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Hypospadias surgery - weak orgasm

I will like to provide enough details. I was born with a mild form of hypospadias (where the urethra opening is on the underside not the tip of the penis). There was an attempt to correct this at birth but this failed and i ended up having 2 urethra openings - one at the tip and the other underside (original opening). Throughout my teenage years i knew it was wrong but no one spoke to me about it. When i began a teenager and started masturbating and having sex i realised that whilst i could have an erection and could ejaculate the accompanying orgasm was very weak. The majority of the semen and urine (when i urinated) came out of the original opening at the underside and only a little came out of the tip.

When i was 21, i finally spoke to my parent about it and i decided to have the hypospadias hole closed so only the tip worked. I was of the opinion that if the semen came out of the tip then the full pleasure will come. The surgery was done and was successful. I peed from the tip. Also when i ejaculated the orgasm was much better than before but i still felt something was missing. I went to see a doctor and he said probably as a result of the surgery there could be some nerve damage. My point now is there a way this could be repaired? I also believe that the current urethra opening at the tip of my penis was not properly done and some of the sensitivity there is gone. Can another opening be done at the tip which would improve the orgasm?

When i ejaculate, the build up is there and when i release there is some pleasurable feeling but does not last through out the duration of the ejaculation which can be frustrating.

Also i fear the lack of powerful orgasm may make me get tired of sex and affect my relationship. Can anyone relate?

Please any advice would be helpful
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