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Lots of blood in the first urine in the morning

For the past two weeks, I have lots of blood in the first urine in the morning.  During the day and until midnight, the urine is clear. It seems the blood only came out during the night sometime between 2:00am ~7:00am.  There was also lots of blood in semen.  There is no pain and other symptoms and I just felt normal.  The blood test and urinary test are normal and no infections.  The CT scan of Kidney, bladder is normal, no stones.  The prostate check is also normal. All the doctors I saw do not know the cause and reason for now and I am still bleeding.
My questions are:
What could be the cause(s) ?
And how can I stop the bleeding ?  Thanks.
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hi waterlu

We are exhibiting very similar symptoms...

I thought have lots of blood in my urine, on and off.. like you described sometimes its really bloody and then subsides to brownish texture, then clears up.. liquids probably washing out blood, but then comes back again (like it did this morning)..

here's my thread about my case,

I'm still mistified, and so are the doctors.. however i've yet to do a CT Scan..

I saw this video

speaking about our case of hematuria and the doctor says it's better if we felt PAIN as it meant a less serious disease than cancer, and since im not feeling any, this got me scared..

but knowing you did the CT scan w/ symptoms like mine and didnt have cancer, gave me less worries..

I noticed your post is back in Sept 2008, how are you feeling now? WHat was it for you? is it totally gone?

Hope you reply..

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I'm also interested to know too. How are you both doing? I've been urinating blood on and off for about 4 weeks now, after going on a snowboarding trip where I fell quite a lot. I don't feel any pain, maybe just a little dull pain from my lower back/hip and light tingle at the the urethra tip when urinating. Ultrasound and urine tests came back normal so I'm worried about Bladder Cancer or something similar. I have 2 more weeks till the checkup and probable referral to the Urologist. Would be great if you guys could let me know how you did :)
Hey, Ichorvile! Did you ever find anything out?? You've described my situation- light lower back pain, light tingle in urethra but all the tests have come back 'normal'. It's on and off and I can't seem to get a clear answer.
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Sounds like you guys aren't exercising properly...
You have to walk.
Stay hydrant at bedtime with either water or cranberry juice and for black men:
-low sugar (cranberry juice) intake
-high fiber diet (or metamucil-like supplements) for diabetes control (ONLY if you're doing all the right things not mentioned here; googled)

The exercise (running, walking) and staying hydrant will "turn down" acid levels in your blood by "turning-up" your oxygen levels, opening up your veins/arteries and if no blockage (high cholesterol) is present, will begin to emit results. This in return also helps your thyroid "balance" out everything else which helps balances your pH (only if intestines are at minimum of fungal/parasitic activity).

Typically those with sitting jobs yet eat right and/or take supplements will need to exercise regularly. NOTE: Remember, the key is getting oxygen to your tissues so they can "breathe", to perform well. Could you work efficiently in a smoggy, oxygen-lacked environment?

Take the time to listen to your body, disregarding the self-induced woes such as anxiety, stress and depression, which ONLY has negative effects on your system overall. PLEASE NOTE: Your body was ultimately designed with a hospital built right inside you placing YOU as the Administrator and in order to attend to any occurring damages or sudden changes you have to keep it properly staffed and well stocked with resourceful necessities for daily routines to assure an efficient life cycle. ~myned, Analyst/Engineer  "Live well"
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