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Lump above penis

I'm 22 years old and some time ago, I discovered a lump about an inch above my penis.  I'm not experiencing any pain from it, and it's not noticable to the eye.  However, I'm still concerned.  Any thoughts?
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That depends on what the lump looks and feels like. It could be something as simple as a sebaceous cyst, an infected, ingrown hair follicle, a collosal zit or perhaps a growth of some sort.

Either way, you need to visit with your physician. A large cyst or boil, can be removed or lanced to relieve the pressure. Your doctor may also elect to put you on antibiotics to reduce the chance of a staph or other dangerous infection. If it is a growth of some sort, then it needs to be removed and biopsied to check for malignancy.
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Thank you for replying so quickly.  The lump is roughly the size of the tip of an eraser on a pencil, so not very big at all.  There is some redness when I squeeze it, but otherwise it remains my normal skin tone.  Also, when I press on it, it almost feels as if it gets smaller but as soon as I release, it goes back to normal.  Do these details help at all?
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From the description of the lump,it sounds like a sebaceous cyst. A sebaceous cyst is a closed sac occurring just under the skin which contains a "pasty" or "cheesy" looking substance called keratin. Blocked sebaceous glands, swollen hair follicles and excessive testosterone production will cause such cysts.

Generally no treatment is required but they become painful then it means they are infected,Then surgical excision by traditional wide excision, minimal excision, and punch biopsy excision may be required.Pls leave them as such and if they still persist then pls get them evaluated from a urologist.Warts and benign skin growths have to be probed.

Hope it helps.Warm regards.

Hello i have the same thing but im only a teenager and i do not know how it got there n i just discovered it should i be worried ??
Same im 15 years old and it came out of nowhere... It is a ball like bump, if i try squeezing the skin under it, it feels like a ball. I am worried, i have had no sexual interactions, im 15 and when i squeez it nothing comes out. Its above my penis in the pubic area aswell.
Im the same way. Im 18 years old and Ive had some sexual interactions but my cyst is about the size of a pea. It showed up right after I had trimmed my pubic hair and has remained the same for about a week now. I assume it was an ingrown hair but I'm not really sure. Should I go get it looked at just incase?
I also have this, I have had sexual interaction with my girlfriend and nobody else, it is about the same size as my fingernail on my little finger, and is quite red. I think it could possibly be a spot. I had noticed it a few days after I had shaved my pubic hair, and I am quite concerned. Should I get it checked?
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