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One testicle lower than other after epididymitis/small "bump" on my lower abdomen.


A few months ago, I was diagnosed with epididymitis in my left testicle.  Cultures and ultrasounds were done, and everything's come back negative.  The pain has completely gone away in my testicle (was more "heaviness" than "pain") but I continue to wear boxer-briefs.

I've noticed, however, that my left testicle "hangs" a bit higher than it used to, and it's a little bit more "forward" than it once was.  I could have sworn before that it was my left testicle that used to hang lower than my right (as it does with 90% of males, especially when you're right-handed like I am), but I can't be 100% sure -- just that one used to hang lower than the other.  They both hang freely, however, and shift normally in between hot and cold temperatures.

I have no pain, unless I stop wearing boxer-briefs for a few days.  At that point, I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable in my pelvic region (very, very minor uncomfortability -- about a "2" on a "1-10" scale).  I've noticed that there is a very, very small "lump" (less than half the size of a pea) in what feels to be some sort of "tube" on my left pelvic region (about two inches to the right of the bottom of my hip).  The same "lump" is on my right side -- which means that I'm sure it's normal, but that's where the uncomfortability is localized.  Now that I think about it, I felt this lump before the epididymitis, and thought it was a muscular knot -- after massaging it, I believe that that's when the epididymitis occurred.

So, I have two concerns: 1) the noticeable shift of my testicles, and 2) the "lump."  I'm quite sure it's not a hernia (doesn't hurt when I cough, doctor examined for hernias).

Many thanks!
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The lump that you have mentioned, is this tender or painful? Does this increase in size when straining or coughing?

Any change in bowel habits?

Change in stool or urine character?

Any change in urination patterns?

As for the noticeable shift in your testicles, this may not seem to be a cause of alarm given that testicular ultrasound findings were normal unless,sexual dysfunction , pain, redness or swelling become present and this may warrant immediate assessment.

Do keep us posted regarding your physician's advise.
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Thanks for the reply, and I appreciate your time very much.

My theory, based on some research, is that the lumps are inguinal lymph nodes.  They look like they're normal size, and no, no additional pain when sneezing or coughing -- which seems to rule out hernia.  If testicular cancer has been ruled out, what might be the cause of the minor sensitivity of my lymph nodes?  The technician performing the ultrasound mentioned "off-the-record" that there was some fluid on my left side (the doctor said I was normal) -- do you think they just might be working "overtime"?  There's no enlargement as far as I can tell.  I could, however, just be driving myself crazy and causing tenderness by "checking it out."

No change in bowel habits, stool, or urine character/patterns.  No sexual dysfunction, pain, redness or swelling.  Just this new shift of place of my testes.  Might it be scar tissue from the epididymitis, and if so, will everything revert back to normal eventually?  From what I've read online, scar tissue of the epididymis might result in a loss of fertility, but I'm likely reading about extreme cases here.  Nothing like the Internet to make you worry, right? ;)

Once again, thank you very much.  Nothing like a testicular episode to drive a man's anxiety through the roof, and your advice is helping to relieve that greatly.
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My left testical seems to be higher than my right the last couple days. There is no pain on the testical but above it, I guess where the cord is. Its a sharp annoying pain that makes me feel like I should get up and move. Its angled different and seems not a free hanging as the right. Should i bee concerned?
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I understand that you are highly anxious about this.However, an underlying infection in the epididymis,seminal vesicles or prostate will usually manifest with the signs of infection. Usually there will be redness, swelling, change in urinary patterns and pain in ejaculation.In your case, this was never noted.

At this point,this does not sound like an urgent case. A scan was done and no significant findings that require immediate intervention are noted.With regards to the lump, we do not now exactly what caused this.An enlarged lymph node may suggest an underlying infection.In your case this has been ruled out.A CT scan may be able to help.

Avoid unnecessarily manipulating the area as constant palpation may cause pain.If your symptoms persist,get a second opinion so this may be evaluated further.
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Have you had previous injury or trauma to the area?

Have you engaged in certain exercises like cycling?

Are there any associated symptoms like change in urination patterns, changes in sexual response, change in bowel movement?

Are there any notable lumps or swelling in the groin area?

Do keep us posted for your answers.
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Well I hope someone is reading this and has some advice cause I am at my wits end. Around September of last year, I had a sharp pain in my right testicle and my left testicle started to hang really low. At the same time, my right testicle seemed to be pulled high. The whole thing seems like a see-saw ! In addition, there was a knot like swelling in the epididymitis of the left testicle. The pain in the right testicle was on the inside and to the top.
It's been 10 months now. The pain has never really gone away nor the discomfort. I have been through two testicular scans that have pulled up nothing and numerous doctoral examinations with a very generic conclusion 'epididymitis'.
All in all, its a very uncomfortable situation. I have to constantly 'adjust' so get comfort and the pain is always around. I would say a 3-4 on a scale of ten. Pain increases on increased strenuous activity and sometime after an ejaculation. I also feel a slight pain in the extremities of the abdomen but a hernia has been ruled out by the doctors examination.
Miscellaneous notes:
-left testicle feels heavy and appears to always be falling over with no support.
- I have been wearing briefs (even to bed) since the first occurrence
- Right testicle always appears to be pulled upwards and outwards. Constantly needs to be 'adjusted'
- Left testicle always hangs low except in the morning after a rested nap.

Well... I don't know what else to say. i hope you can help. Needless to say, I am going nuts :-).
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