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Pain between Scrotum and Rectum... Taint pain

From everything that i have read this could be a prostate problem. I am getting pains, that come and go, right between my scrotum and my rectum. It feels liek someone is stabbing a knife into me. The first two times it happened it was bareable but still hurt like a mother. It happened on time when i sneezed and happened one time when i jumped off a step to the ground. It was only like a 2 foot drop though but that really hurt. This last time it happened i was driving and it was the worst yet. I clenched my teeth, and unfortunatly closed my eyes cause it hurt so bad; i was in tears. I ended up going in the ditch and taking out a road sign. I told the cop what happened and needless to say he didn't believe me n i got a ticket anyways. But I'm currently serving in the military and i've been to the doctor for this before and they checked to see if i had a hurnia. All my doctor said was that it wasn't a hurnia, they think its just normal or a fluke, and would not give me a referall to see a specialist at a civilian hospital. So now i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place with no help. I'm working with some of my supervisors to go up the chain n get me a referrall to see a specialist but so far nothing has worked. Can anyone relate or help me out?!? Thanks for your time _TrevoR_
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i to have the exact symptoms, i had a ultra sound done some time ago and nothing was found, have you gotten any answers?
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I too have had problems with pain between the root of the penis, scrotal area and rectum.
Since about the age of 25 and currently at 44, I have had many bouts with prostatitis, kidney infections, epiditimitis, and orchitis. Just recently I found out that I have a fistula (hole) in my prostate and rectum. Currently pain can be so bad that I can't function.
I'm not suggesting that you might have a fistula, since the pain now is far worse that what I used to have about a year ago.

Whenever I used to get an infection I allways experienced some level of pain, however at times it turned into a stabbing pain. This usuall came shortly after sneezing, or coughing or just adjusting my position. I had allways thought that it was due to prostatitis. I never was able to ever explain to people around me the sudden pain that I experienced.

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thanks for the info.   i havent been having any problems with infections thus far. the stabbing pain i am well aware of. is this just something you
have to learn to deal with?  hopefully i will get some answers, thanks again for the info.
by the way how often would you say you experience the pain, ive been dealing with this for a few years but it comes and goes every so often.

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Sorry I haven't been on in a while. i am in the military and was on a temporary Duty assignment for a couple months, but I have had a couple infections, but i don't know if it co-insides, now i'll have to pay attention and see. But what rmprdl1964 said, my symptoms are exactly the same. when i sneeze n cough is usually when I get the pain. Its amazing cause I thought i was the only one, my doctor said it was prostititas; gave me some meds n i didn't have it again until i sneezed while i was driving a couple days ago and i took out a road sign. My whole body just froze i couldn't move or anything. It was scary; again my doctor said it was prostitas n i asked him "wouldn't the meds have helped that?" and he gave me some run around of sometimes you need mulitple treatments or long term treatments of antibiotics. Rmprdl1964; how did they diagnose the "fistula"? I might make another appointment with my doctor n ask him about that. It happens sometimes too when I jump down off something like 2 feet or higher i get the pain. Thanks for all the comments n feed back.
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i am currently taking antibiotics and meds called uraxatrol until i go back to the dr. where they will perform a scope to look through my bladder and get more info.  i have had a ct scan and it revealed nothing so onto the next procedure.
its looking like a prostate issue so you mite be inclined to bring that up. more info after i get some.
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This site has been a great help had this for about 8 years now 46 had the above symptons also pain on adjaculation, it comes in bouts, and the stabbing pains second to none .when i was 41 had a bad bout which left me with erectile dysfunction for a couple of years,fine now that was the worst bit! am now giong to the doctors took me a long time, to embarassed . But feel like light at the end of the tunnel
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I'll join the club, good to know I'm not alone out there. I've had this problem for about 10 years; pain in the perineum area between the anus and scrotum where a section of the urethra passes.

The first time I was aware of it was when I jumped down from a low wall as in the original post. I think I might have jumped down from something once since but have avoinded doing so thereafter as the pain was so excruciating on each occasion albeit short lived.

I occasionally experience nearly as intense pain randomly every once in while for a few seconds whilst urinating during which I can barely remain standing which has caused several misses I'm afraid to report! Sorry for the gorry details but I just want to make sure I give an accurate account for people to be able to compare symptoms.

I can also occasionally feel an ever so slight amount of pain when I sneeze as some others have commented and I think it has worsened slightly over the years as I now find it too uncomfortable to ride a bicycle and even certain hard chairs are not too comfortable although bearable.

I sometimes feel a slight discomfort at various stages during sexual arousal.
The other symptoms I experience which could be related is slight burning sensation in the urethra near the tip of the penis on occasion while urinating as well as after ejaculation.

I have mentioned these symptoms to my GP before without getting anywhere but I think I will go back now with the list of all these sympoms and ask them for appropriate tests. If I have any information I will post it here, hopefully one of us will get a diagnosis!
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I've been suffering from this intermittent pain for years, ever since childhood.  When it would happen in my childhood years (not very often), I would describe the pain more as a very brief hard pinching.

Recently over the last few years I would describe the pain as a stabbing, lightening bolt type of pain that makes me jump or stand on my toes, almost as if I'm trying to get away from the pain. Either way, the pain is blindingly intense, but thankfully only lasts a few seconds.  The most it ever lasted (a few years ago) was 4-5 seconds, but it felt more like 4-5 minutes, ouch!!!

Over the last 7 years I've seen my internist and urologist for other urinary symptoms.  Burning with urination, waking several times to urinate, feeling as if I have to urinate almost immediately after urinating.  After several tests that included an IVP, cystoscopy, blood tests, DRE, etc., I was diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis.  I was prescribed a ton of antibiotics, told to stay away from spicey foods, alcohol, smoking, and other irritants.  The prostatitis cleared up, but I had relapse a few years back, but not as bad.  I think that prostatitis is the IBS of the male urinary/reproductive system.

I relayed the above in case anyone can make any connections with their own experience of the stabbing pain.

Lately I've been wondering if the pain could be muscular or nerve (pudendal nerve to be exact) related.  I've put my self on a diet recently (last 4 weeks), and I've had the pain a few times, thankfully very brief.  Given the foods I'm eating (and not eating), I've lost a lot of water weight.  I drink a good amount of water throughout the day, and as a consequence, I'm sure I've pee'd out a whole bunch of minerals, etc.  Could the pain be in any way affected by calcium, magnesium & potassium levels being low?

Either way, you guys aren't alone.  I hope someone can figure this out one day!

Good luck to everyone :)
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In regards to the question of how often I experience this pain, I would have to say a few times a week. Since the medical comunity has a poor to no understanding of the causes of prostatitis, it seems best to treat the symptoms.

I have been seen by many different urologists, with all not being able to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Since I have been diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder as well as other neurological problems, it seems that doctors use this diagnosis when they can't explain something.

I have times where I don't want to travel due to the discomfort that I experience. I also experience sensations like constantly having to urinate or needing to have a bowel movement, however I don't. It made my job as a heavy duty mechanic very interesting at times.

Taking a hot bath only gives very teporary relief. We will have to deal with the symptoms as they are presented.

All the best.

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Hi the fistula was discovered by me when I was in the hospital to treat a kidney infection and pneumonia. I had a Foley catheter in and I noticed that I was passing gas through the catheter and penis.

After getting discharged I was referred to a urologist and had a cystoscopy to confirm the fistula.

Sorry for the late response.

Take care.

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Pain and discomfort in that area can often an inguinal hernia. I'm a chiropractor, and just recently had a patient with I diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. One way to check is do a valsalva maneuver (cough hard) and watch the area. You will see a little out-pouching if it is a hernia. You may also see one of the testis is undescended.

Robert Cox, D.C.
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from expain:   refresher, saw a urologist, had blood in my urine.
put me on uroxatrol, urine specimin came back negative (thankfully).
gave me a cystoscopy( scope thru penis ) took look at bladder and saw
nothing. diagnosed as prostate infection. semen was yellowish, said was a sign of infection. put on antibiotics for 6 months, seemed to help
for awhile but not completely. finally tried some blood pressure meds
also used for bph, to help the blood flow, seems to have helped for the most part. havent had the pain in quite awhile and hopefully dont .
hope this helps someone.
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