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Red tip, constant dripping of urine

About 8 months ago, I had unprotected sex with a co worker. At first she gave me oral, which was by far the worst oral I've ever received in my life. Basically a cheese grater but rougher.  2 weeks later I developed dysuria and went to the doctor for it. They took a urinalysis. Turns out I got chlamydia from her. I got prescribed 1g of azithromycin. I went to go pick up my medication and took it without thinking too much about it. I search up online and it says that the pills are normally supposed to come in pairs. I only got 1 though. I started developing almost like a dripping sensation from the tip of my penis. I go back to my doctor about a week later and tell her that I have new symptoms. She gives me another round of azithromycin since my insurance doesn't cover doxycycline. I take it, this time it's in a powder form. Symptoms persist. I go back and they believe it to be balanitis so I was prescribed anti fungals along with a cream. No cigar, go back this time she sends me to a urologist.

I get to the urologist and he tells me I need doxycycline hyclate first then to return. My dripping persists so I return. He now tells me I need to get a cystoscopy. I get it done and he finds absolutely nothing wrong. Now he tells me to wait 3 months and come back if symptoms persist. I switched urologist. I go to my second urologist and he says maybe I should get a circumcision since the bacteria could be still lingering on my foreskin. I don't need a maybe.. I need an answer.. Please,

Here's some details about me:
21 years old, Uncircumcised, all std tests negative, hiv test negative, cystoscopy found nothing.  

Here's where it get's a little complicated to explain.. On some days my dripping is almost not even present. Most days it's worse. The tip of my penis is always red and sensitive. Sometimes my penis is super dry though which makes no sense.. I get almost like a crack or indent around the crown of my head going straight around. Basically half the circumference of the crown of the head. It's gross looking.

Here's what I've tried to take for it:
Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, garlic, uva ursi, saw palmetto, echinacea, cranberry juice. Nothing works.
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Let me add that it gets worse when i exercise, meditate, yoga, or weight lift. By worse I don't mean like a rush of pee coming out. I just mean like i feel it come out the tip more. I feel like it could be all in my head but most likely not. Also I forgot to tell my urologist that the other night when I went out drinking with my friends, I was dancing with a really beautiful female. It was all fun and games until she started going lower and lower on me during the dance. All of a sudden I felt like I had orgasmed in my pants. She kept on doing it so it was like 3 times before i said i had to go to the bathroom. When i went to go check, i kid you not, it was semen and urine everywhere... SO embarrassing. I left. Never again. What can this be? PLEASE
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