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Ridge of glands dark purple color

I posted this is the Men's health forum but it's received little attention and I'm quite concerned. I'm still more or less a kid (I'm 13). Recently I pulled back my foreskin to find that the ridge of my penis glands is a dark purple color. Also there's a small area around the opening of my urethra that is a bright red color and it sometimes burns when I pee.

To top it all off the shaft of my penis is thicker than the head and I was wondering if that was normal.    

Also when in a flaccid state I have no problem pulling the foreskin on the beyond the head of my penis but when I'm erect I can only get it about half down before it's starts to hurt  

Does anyone know what is causing the discoloration of the glands or the red urethra. The last bit is just a tidbit that I'm curious about the first two are what are really concerning me.

Any info is appreciated, thanks
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about the dark purple color: I have that too and I have read on the internet that that's normal. I'm not doctor though.
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Could you give me a link to where you got that info? Thanks
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Hi the color of the glans is normal.

Two things that could cause some concern is the burning sensation while urinating. This can result from over stimulation of the opening. A burning sensation can also be caused by an infection of the urinary tract. If it is due to over stimulation it most likely will become less as you grow.

When you are born the foreskin in most is attached to the glans. As you grow into puberty the foreskin should start to loosen up. Some boys enter puberty late, with that the development of the penis can also be delayed. As you grow and through intercourse or masterbation the foreskin will further seperate from the glans. However you stated that the color of the ridge of the glans, this suggests to me that your foreskin can be retracted all the way.

If you feel that your penis is not normal then you should talk to your parents and possibly see a doctor.

There are severa sites that provide information, but you are still a child and there is a lot of information and mis-information on the web. This is especially the case when pictures are shown

I will give you a link to a urology site. Some of it might be hard to understand. Ask your parents for help. I have a son myself and I would not appreciate it if he was to view certain contend on the web.



Scrol down to the links for phimosis. Please do this with your parent or other family adult like grandparents.

I hope that this will give you some peace of mind.

God bless

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