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Spots/rashes on glans of penis.

I had unprotected sex with my wife, the next morning i saw a small rash on my penis head. I have watched it for days now. It doesn't itch or pain me.

Now the rash seem to have come together together. I still have like four to five spots/rashes on my penis head close to the urethra. Skin is soft to touch and when I stretch it, looks clear.

There is no discharge from the penis.

Sometimes I get a sweet itch ony penis shaft but it's infrequent.

No body pain, fever or other symptoms.

I am black and so can't make out a distinct colour for the rash

Is it general warts?

It's what I tend to see when I Google..

Had protected sex with someone like 21 days ago. Penetration wasn't up to 10 seconds. May have touched my penis head after fingering her.

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