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USG Findings

Hello!  here are my USG findings.

Lower ureteric calculus 7mm
Right renal calculus 5 mm
Prostatomegaly with no residual urine
Exophytic, echogenic mass in lower pole of right kidney.

Please let me know the nature of treatment and how serious the last one is.
Thanks in advance.
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The ultrasound report is suggesting kidney and ureteric calculus and a mass in the kidney which needs further evaluation. Along with that there is enlargement of prostate which can be due to inflammation of the prostate. Kindey stones are of four types: calcium oxalate stones, struvite stones, uric acid stones or cystine stones. Potassium citrate is used for the treatment of stones. I would suggest you to get an evaluation done from a urologist to determine the type of stone. Treatment modes include Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithrotripsy (ESWL), uteroscopic stone removal and percutaneoud nephrolithotomy.

For the echogenic mass, further investigations like kidney function tests and CT kidney, urinary bladder should be done.

I suggest you to get it evaluated from a urologist.
I sincerely hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind regards.

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Thank you, Doctor for your advice. I am going to a Urologist tomorrow and get CT scan and other tests done. I shall keep you posted of developments.

Thanks a million, once again.

Kind regards.
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Here  are my MDCT scan observations:

5mm calculus at upper calyx of right kidney
7mm calculus at right VUJ with back pressure changes
Right Renal exohytic cysts as described - consistent with Bosniak Category II cyst at lateral aspect and Bosniak Category I Cyst at lower pole.

Suggested -  Follow-up USG for Cyst at lateral aspect of right kidney.

Please guide me.

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