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Urine Analysis Report

Hi Experts and Everyone,

Can i get an opinion from you about My Urine Test as follows:

Routine                                                Result
Color                                                   Yellow
Appearance                                         Turbid
Volume                                                35ml
Specific Gravity                                   QNS
PH                                                       6.0

Protein                                                 Nil
Sugar                                                   Nil

WBC                                      1-2/ HPF
RBC                                        Occassional
EPTHELIAL CELLS                  0-1/HPF
Crystal                                  calcium Oxalate Occasional Amorphous Urate++
Casts                                     Nil
Mucus                                  Occassional
Yeast                                     Nil
Trichomonas                         Nil

Any input will be appreciated
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Looks normal, except that you have Calcium Oxalate crystals present in your urine.

Do you have a history of kidney-stones?

Your urinalysis looks normal except for that.
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No i dont have a history of kidney stones.
but i am feeling very tired now a days and dont feel fresh even after sleep for 10 hrs.
can it be related to some UTI?
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Nothing in your urine suggests that you have an infection. You can get infection ruled out (or confirmed) with a blood-test. Call your doctor and see if they'll perform a blood text and check for infection.

I would, however, suggest that you talk to a Urologist about the elevated Calcium Oxalate levels in your urine.  
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