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What are the causes of microscopic hematuria (other than bladder issues)


What are the causes of microscopic hematuria? It was discovered on a urinalysis in January, and then every urinealysis after that has shown it. It has been increasing in the amount seen. These tests were not done while on or near my period either. I have see my urologist often and I was at my follow up with him for my vaginal flap urethroplasty (narrow urethra) where I mentioned that the blood is still showing up on all exams (most recently rheumatology tests and it was present that day at my appointment) He was recently looking at my bladder during my surgery so he said it's not coming from there and said that the blood could be coming from the kidneys and mentioned stones, tumors, Ect. The blood is not from the surgery because it was present many months before. I am scheduled for a cat scan with and without contrast of the pelvis and an cystogram. If the scan doesn't reveal anything in the kidneys, does this mean that there would be blood in my urine for unknown reasons?

Thanks in advance!
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