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Yellow discharge in the AM. Not bacterial

For almost a month now I have been having a yellow discharge in the morning. Through out the day it will be white or clear and sometimes I have a very full pain in the head of my penis. I also have really slight stinging when I urinate. Labs have come back negative for any bacterial infection. They treated me with antibiotics and antifungals. Nothing has helped.
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Glad you've seen a doctor but sorry they are coming up empty for reasons for the discharge and pain.  Here's a symptom list for discharge from penis https://symptomchecker.webmd.com/single-symptom?symptom=discharge-from-penis&symid=49&page=2.  Anything look familiar?  I'd be able to live with just random discharge but pain wouldn't work for me.

You've been tested for std's?  UTI's?  and yeast?
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