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growing lump in scrotum

3 days ago, everything was fine. 2 days ago, woke up with medium egg size hard lump in scrotum on right side behind testicle, fever. went to hospital yesterday after it was size of XL egg. not ingrunal hernia. they said was abcess from ingrown hair or clogged pore. sliced and drained scrotum. minimal pus removed. antibiotics and percocet prescribed. today, lump is approximately 6 inches long x 2 inches wide x 1 inch thick. scrotum is size of softball. i think they diagnosed me wrong. fever is still at 100.4 even with antibiotics and lump is huge. whole area is now tender up into my abdomin. could this be possible tear in colon wall or something? havent pooped in 3 days now but that might be from the percocet. desperately need help. could a doctor reply to me at "***@****" im not sure i can find my way back to this site. i am going back to ER if it gets bigger or fever is still here tomorrow. very worried.. thanks for any help.
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This kind of bump can be a cyst,abscess ,hydrocele or a benign tumor.I would suggest you to get an evaluation done from a urologist and get a microscopic examination of the fluid drained from the lump.This fluid has to be examined for bacterial infection so that specific antibiotics can be prescribed and also for tumor markers to rule out any benign tumor.
Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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back from the hospital again. they kept me a few days. final diagnosis and treatment is as follows. original problem was scrotal abcess - caused by ingrown hair or clogged pore from excessive sweat. original solution was slice and drain scrotal abcess, minor antibiotics.---- 2 days later, on 2nd trip to hospital, abcess area had grown from size of egg to size of hotdog bun, fever was 101 after 3 days of antibiotics. diagnosis and treatment were as followed. abcess led to extreme cellulitis- 2 days of draining, packing of wound area, total IV amout of antibiotics on 2nd trip were over 5000ml. combination of "ZOSYN" and "VANCOMYCIN" , along with morphine 2 times a day immediately before "cleaning and repacking of wound area", 10mg percocets 3 times a day and lots of laying on back with washcloth under scrotum, elevating it.  home care is repack wound 1 time daily, lay on couch or bed all day with scrotum elevated, return to dr office in a week for progress checkup.  MESSAGE TO HARDHEADED GUYS... IF SOMETHING DOESNT FEEL RIGHT IN YOUR "MANPARTS" GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!  they said if i had waited, i could have lost my whole scrotum or even died. very serious infection going on in there.  
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My husband has  a hard lump under his testicle in scrodum area rigjt side he has experience fevers he says its very painful and itchy it hurts more when he gets up and walks around it was smaller but now has gotten as big as one of his testicles please  consult me on what this could possibly be
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