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little Pain in Flaccid Penis which comes and vanishes in seconds

Hi, I am a 20 years old male with a problem I am concerned. I am having pain in my flaccid penis which comes one or 2 times a day. Or once in 2 days. The pain is not causing too much discomfort but just making me worry about a serious problem. I had some patch on my  shaft with no pain or other discomfort eg itch. The penis pain is only in flaccid penis. With no pain while ejaculation and erection. I went to urologist and he tested me for URINE RE and abdomenal Ultrasound. The ultrasound was clear and there were 25-26 RBCs in Urine report. He gave me Ciproflaxacin 500mg twice day for a week. Now I took the medician and after week now after quiting medication I still have a little pain. One day I was lying down and when I was standing up the pressure came on my pubic area and then some pain was experienced. There were no pain while urination when the condition started 2 month ago but now when I pee( not every time ) it comes with a small time sharp pain and goes away quickly. When the pain started I was on finesteride 1mg started 2-3 days before the condition. When the pain doesn't gone after medication i left taking fines 1 week ago thinking that It might be responsible for pain. But no response. The pain is in the tip of penis and sometime on left side of shaft. When i press my penis tip it cause some more pain.one other doc gave me test BLOOD CP WITH PERIPHERAL SUMMERY. In that test every thing was normal but MPV (large Platlets)was 12.6 while normal was 11. And RBC distribution was little high. Please guide me that what should I do. Why the pain doesnt gone after medicine? What can be the possible cause. The pain is not too much but just making me concerned.
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Hi, Khan - sorry to hear of your difficulties w/ thus. Our urinary & sexual systems are rather delicate in some ways & it’s always concerning any time something doesn’t feel right. However, on the ‘plus’ side, it doesn’t sound like anything too serious. You’re saying the pain isn’t too bad & doesn’t last long, and the urine tests aren’t showing anything seriously wrong. Can you think of anything you might have done before thus started happening? Like a long bike ride or something that could have irritated your penis? For now, I would continue to let the Dr. know that things still do not feel right. You might need to try a different antibiotic or some other treatment. It’s possible this might go away on its own. Good luck to you, hope the Dr. can find a treatment that works.
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Thank You so much sir, for your kind reply. I didn't do anything before. I do bike riding in my daily life. I feel no lump while the penis is flaccid and nothing else problem but the penis I'd little turn to left side but for 4-5 years due to masturbation. I am circumcised and virgin. And please tell me that what tests procedure I would need to go through to say that everything is fine and it will go on its own.
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Hello again - I'm sorry, but I'm not a medical Dr., so I'm afraid I can't tell you what tests you will need, but keep talking to your Dr., let him or her know what's going on. I think most good Dr's would want to know why their patient was having continued difficulty, and if not able to help you, would send you to see a specialist, probably a Urologist. Good luck & hope you get relief from your symptoms...
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