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testicle removal

I have recently had my left testicle removed and am still experiencing pain. It was originally removed because of the constant pain it caused. I am now not sure if this pain is common as it had been 6 weeks since the operation.
If it is common what level of exercise can I start?
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Hi, I had my left testicle removed after a hematoma and later a staph infection. The testicle was cut from the scrotum due to the size from the infection.

After the first 6 weeks I eperienced some pain and later on discomfort. I had this done in 2000 and still have pain in the area at times. I don't know how this is possible, though it might have to due with the infection at the time. I have gotten used to it and don't know if it ever will feel normal. Compared to the pain that I had prior to the orchiectomy, I now only experience discomfort.

Did they ever tell you what the source of your pain was? It does not seem logical to remove a testicle if it can't be determined to have been the source of your pain.

God bless,

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can you sale your testicle & if so how much can you get for, an who you will buy it.
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The sale of body parts, organs is illegal in most countries.
I'm not sure if I understand as to why anyone would want to have one or both of their testicles removed. I had no choice in the matter, due to the infection that I had it was either to remove all infected tissue and possibly recover or to leave things as they were and die with in days.
There are groups of people around who illegally are into these sort of things and the removal of body parts and organs is something that goes on for real. It is my hope that these type of people are prosecuted to the fulest extend of the law.
Poor people are the ones at greatest risk and sadly people in rich countries prey on these people. If they can't obtain a donor organ then some chose to make use of illegally obtained organs from poor people in poor countries.

A removed testicle is of little use medically, so the only interest in this would be people wo are into sado masachism  world and would like to obtain a testicle as some sort of trophy or keep sake.

Eventough I'm now doing Ok with just one reamining testicle, there are serious medical consequences. Due to having had infections in both testes, my right testicle is no longer producing sufficient testosterone. As a result I have to give myself monthly testosterone injections.

I would like to know as to why you desire to to sell a testicle and am hoping that you are willing to elaborate on this. If you don't want to reply in public on here, than please sent me a private message.

All the best.

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