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what can cause feeling of itching in my urethra

i am male, 40 years old, no previous issues with urethra or health in general. one day after peeing i was left with the feeling of itchiness in my urethra, and sensation of needing to pee. this feeling has not went away since. all af the tests that docs did came back negative, they had me on several different meds with no effect. the feeling goes away after time when i dont pee much, but every time i pee, it comes back. like some thing gets irritated every time i pee. has anyone any experience with this? i basically was told by doc that they are not sure what causes it and it is extremely hard to treat.
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What diagnosis did they give you and what have you been prescribed?  Urethritis comes to mind with your symptoms. Do you have any discharge? This usually, though, has pain during urination and you don't describe that.  It's bacterial and it would get better with antibiotics.  So, perhaps this was ruled out. But E coli can cause it and if you haven't had this ruled out, talk to your doctor about it. https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/urethritis-symptoms-causes-treatments#1

What about yeast?  Have you been treated for a yeast infection as well?  
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the diagnosis was prostatitis, but i take it with grain of salt as doc said it is difficult to diagnose and basically from what i understand, prostatitits is general diagnosis when they are not sure. i have been prescribe antibiotics (bactrim) and  that flowmax. both have zero effect. i dont have discharge, dont have pain either even though at some occasions i feel slight bunt when i pee, but it is rather rare, maybe 1 out of 10 times. I am looking through my test results but dont see a test for E coli. no yeast infection treatment either?  up until today it has been 8 months since my first symptoms came. i should probably mention i do a lot of bike riding, and actually, the symptoms came after a bike ride, I mentioned this to doc but he didnt seem to be worried about it being caused by biking. biking does not make it worst, i tried no bike for some time but it didnt help either.
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The bike riding makes me think of fungal issues which would cause itching.  So, what about a dermatologist?  Maybe bring up testing for E coli or yeast.  Especially yeast.  I'm sure this is so annoying to have for so long!  
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