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Rapid weight loss :(

I am 28 years old man. since I remember myself I was fat guy. And from my 20th birthday till 24th I was 95 kg. Then I started to work in very serious job that I had to be very careful with my every day job. I figured that I loss more weight but I was constant 86 kg untill 27 years old.
That summer I used to drink 2-3 liters of limonade home made, and in 3 months time I was 71 kg. I stopped immediately drinking lemonade.  :( . I tried a suplement  with 3.000 calories a day, but I couldn't gain any more weight. I trained , bicycling, jogging... but I can`t see any change and its been 7 months with no luck. Maybe it is the stress that is losing my weight , since now I have never took no pills because I was always very healthy man. because I like nature and I have been so close to it and since I remember I ate natural food, thats why I didn't need no doctor (my mom is a nurse too) .
My mom says it is from stress. I think it is from lemonade but this is getting worse for me, why I can`t put more weight. I dont have any problem with walking of jogging of even training bodybulding some times. I walk 10 to 15 kilometers  (6 to 8 miles) once in a week. I feel very healthy. Why is this happening to me, I certainly don't know.
If any of you can just drope me a suggestion I will pray for you guys because I am in need for a word from you!
thank you

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I can't imagine that lemonade would make you lose weight, unless that's ALL you are putting in your stomach throughout the day.  

Yes, stress can cause weight loss, but you also need to have your thyroid levels checked to make sure you do not have hypERthyroidism.  Get your TSH, Free T4, Free T3 and anti-bodies tested.  You could very well be hyperthyroid and/or have Graves Disease which an auto immune disease connected with hyperthyroidism.  

Check with your doctor because there are other things that can also cause weight loss...  

Good luck....  

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